Movie review: Twilight and New Moon, attracts many hardcore fans of book and movie series

“Twilight” was shown recently at Club De ‘Ville on February 12, and “New Moon” was shown on February 13.

I know I’m risking the wrath of all the Twihards out there, but I have to say it: “Twilight” wasn’t good, and “New Moon” wasn’t much better.

Before I’m attacked with life-size cardboard cutouts of Edward and Jacob, however, allow me to make a full disclosure. I’ve read all the books, and seen the movies in theaters, one of which may have been the midnight showing on opening night. I am not proud of this.

Even though I’m not a fan of the series, I understand why people love it so much. “Twilight” and “New Moon” do a pretty accurate job portraying teenagers, complete with lip biting and an almost unbearable amount of angst.

Despite this, there are some things seriously wrong with the people of Forks, and most of it revolves around relationships, especially Edward and Bella’s.

In “Twilight,” Bella and Edward realize they’re meant to be together a few weeks after meeting, even though Edward is a vampire and has a serious jones for her blood. Some people might consider this a deal breaker, but Edward and Bella don’t think so, and are instead perfectly content to spend every moment together, staring at each other.

The few friends Bella made before meeting Edward become largely abandoned in favor of the Cullens by “New Moon,” and I don’t like that Stephanie Meyer makes it seem romantic to spend every waking moment with a significant other. Friendships are important, and it’s scary to see someone who is so willing to give up anything and everything for another person, even if that person is an attractive, sparkly vampire.

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Then there’s the issue of teams. “Twilight” fans are either Team Edward or Team Jacob. But interestingly, no one ever seems to be on Team Bella. In Ms. magazine, Carmen D. Siering writes, “There is no Team Bella. Bella is a prize, not a person, someone to whom things happen…”, instead of someone who actually doing things within the story. Siering continues, “Bella does nothing that suggests she is a person in her own right. If Meyer hopes that readers see themselves as Bella, what is she suggesting to them about the significance of their own lives?”

I can’t really blame Meyer for continuing these stereotypes of fragile girls who need saving, but I don’t like that she uses them. My main issue with “The Twilight Saga” is that so many girls want their lives to emulate Bella’s, and have a boyfriend like Edward.

But Edward isn’t a good boyfriend. Telling someone, “You’re my only reason to stay alive, if that’s what I am,” as Edward does in “New Moon”, isn’t love; it’s dysfunctional. And outside of the time spent with Edward, Bella doesn’t do anything except go to school and read “romantic” novels like “Wuthering Heights.” Speaking of which, the relationship between Cathy and Heathcliff is probably the most dysfunctional in all of literature, but I digress.

It seems that the mania surrounding “Twilight” has become bigger than the series itself. These fans are so obsessed that the story to them has become real. And this is the problem; “The Twilight Saga” shouldn’t be a model for anyone’s life. Young girls often dream about a devastatingly handsome man sweeping them up and away to a perfect life and everlasting love, like “Twilight,” but unfortunately, real life rarely works that way.

  • Jewely

    I Agree with every thing you said because my little sister has gone crazy over twilight and I
    don’t thimk it sends her the right message. The movies has made her go boy crazy, it is unhealthy.

  • Sarah

    I totally do not agree with you. I bet you have no friends. Everybody but you loves twilight. You are such a loner.

  • anonymous

    I completely disagree with this review because I feel that Lyndsey is sending the message that true love doesn’t exist, and that she believes that it’s unhealthy for teenage girls to read romance novels because there is no such thing as their dream guy. Each person has their own unique idea of their dream person, therefore true love can exist for these girls, and they have every right to dream up the person that they would be interested in. Lyndsey’s article basically suggests that its “unhealthy” for teenage girls to identify with the charactor of Bella, and to want a man like Edward. If that is the type of guy a girl wants to be with, then there is no reason for them not to seek that person out, it is not unrealistic to be with a person that suits your desires. .

  • chantell

    I understand this is your opinion….

  • chantell

    ummm its a fantasy movie.
    please get over yourself,obviously twilight has become so BIG that people scrutinize every little negative part of the movies and books and never look at the positives.and so what if girls wish they had a handsome boy!cant we dream????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane Doe

    I’m a hard core Twilight fan and even though I run a Rob Pattinson and Twilight fan site, I agree with this review entirely. I couldn’t have said it better, myself.
    The relationships depicted are more than just a dysfunctional relationship. It’s down right dangerous. If you’ve read the entire series, you definitely see that there is kidnapping, sexual assault and stalking. It’s gruesome.
    A good horror novel can sure be enjoyable, but romanticizing such a clearly dysfunctional relation ship isn’t a good message for young or impressionable readers.
    I hope that Twilight fans will see that you have not made it personal. Just an accurate observation of the what the truth really is.
    Why do I continue. I LOVE dark extremely dark horror novels and like the actors involved.
    Your article is really well written and is the complete truth. Good journalism requires truth with out regard to the fact that it will offend people.
    Thank you for writing this. It’s amazing well written. I enjoyed it.

  • Sarah

    I happen to love the whole of the Twilight Saga, and although Eclipse is my favorite book i feel that New Moon will be the best movie. Because so much happens at once, they’ll cut things out to make the flow faster and ruin it slightly. I think it sends a fine message, because its drawing a line between fiction and reality thats important to do. Team Jasper and Paulk FTW <3

  • Lynda

    I don’t believe you have read Breaking Dawn (or the other three books). Ms Meyer did an excellent job portraying how an average girl feels. Meyer has moral values flowing through her books; and in the end, the character of Bella definitely has her own team. Do not underestimate the understanding young readers have in recognizing a powerful female character. Remember the movies are not the exact representation of the books , the news media loves thriving on the most negative inappropriate ideas they can manufacture, Summit is making this movie for the most profit possible and last, some adolescent girls ( this is/will not be the first/last generation) do seem to be a little boy crazy – hence, the success of “The Twilight Saga’.

  • nikita

    i think the film is de best evr i tink taylor is fit it wud make u boy crazy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    lol hahaha

  • tiffany ofield

    new moon is the best movie jacob is so hot!!!!!!!!!!1

  • annamorphos

    I’m a Twilight fan (not fanatic) and I didn’t enjoy the movies. The books were a lot better.
    I went to the midnight showing for New Moon, which was a huge mistake. All the crazy fangirls were screaming throughout the entire movie! I had a horrible experience because they were rude. I seriously thought about demanding for a refund.

    However, I do disagree with you on one part. You say that Edward isn’t a good boyfriend because of his line, “you’re my only reason to stay alive.” What’s your basis for comparsion? You must remember that the character of Edward is a vampire. He’s not human. To compare his actions to those of a “normal” boyfriend is ridiculous because he’s NOT normal. Don’t think I’m a hardcore Team Edward girl, cause I’m not. (I think Rob Pattinson looks like a foot). I just think that saying a fictional vampire character is not acting the way a normal person should is pointless.

    p.s. I wouldn’t worry about the teens and their obsession. I was obsessed with Leo DiCaprio when I saw him in Romeo and Juliet. They’ll get over it.

  • AC

    Its a movie and a book, not real life. Get over it.

  • Christina

    Thank you for hitting the nail on the head! I read the books and enjoyed the ride. However, something didn’t sit right with me about New Moon in General that Bella couldn’t live without Edward and Edward without her. There was definitely something unhealthy going on in their relationship to make them as obsessed about themselves as they were. I do not like that message it send out to teenage girls.

  • Kayla 17

    I agree and disagree and to those who have been “haten” on this movie review if you don’t like it don’t read it. I personally am a fan of the books the movies were a bit sketchy and nothing happened the way it was supposed to. And personally I like Jacob more than Edward. If Edward loved Bella he wouldn’t pu her through the things he does and just change her instead of waiting til she’s nearly dead with a baby. Also the book makes women sound so weak and vulnerable and I for one am not weak or vulnerable I don’t need a man to make ends meet I can do that all by myself because I am miss Independent. Love never is perfect it’s alot of work, but the onee thing I do love about this book is that it shows if what you feel is real then it’s worth fighting for. So to others who comment don’t do it out of rage or sympathy because you agree or disgree or are just haters or lovers of the saga do it from your perspective and how you feel. Most of your comments are immature and childish and really you just need to grow up. True that.

  • porsha

    jacob is hot!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!