Thinkfast awards $1000 to winner

Laughter and loud music greeted the ears at the “Thinkfast Trivia Show” this past Friday.

The trivia show was cosponsored by the UAB and ‘Ville After Dark, and was held at the Student Memorial Center in the multi-purpose room at 9 p.m. The grand prize was a $1,000, and although there were no runner-up prizes, there was a separate raffle at the event.

Collin Sloat, a.k.a Robbie Homestead, a sophomore, won the grand prize money. His excitement overwhelmed him as he held his arms in the air and shouted in victory, he said, “This was the best Friday night I ever earned!”

Sloat will be splitting the money with his teammate and roommate, Ryan Gutsche, also a sophomore, and his roommate’s girlfriend Jenna Kwasniuk, a junior. They will be visiting the Fractured Prune with their newly obtained winnings.

Audience members separated themselves into teams, ranging in size from one person to as many as they wanted to have on their team. Each team had a buzzer with team names such as “Panthers” or “Sugar Plums.” They answered questions that were presented on two large television screens on either side of the stage.

Points were determined both by the speed of the answer and the accuracy of the answer. The questions over time gave clues as to the wrong answer and the right answer, which gave people who were unsure or answered wrong another chance to answer correctly. The faster the team answered correctly, the more points out of 1,000 they would get for that question.

The show consisted of two main rounds. Round one started off with 15 multiple-choice trivia questions. Then they moved to the American Idol singing competition. The winner of the singing competition was chosen by the audience, and gained immunity and a place in the final-four trivia round.

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The second round also started with 15 trivia questions, and had a dance competition. The dance competition was won by senior Jared Mizrahi. Known as J-miz, he was also entered into the dance competition the last time the show was held, and he wore the same shirt. With an overwhelming amount of votes, he won with is break dancing moves both on the floor and the stage.

After the singing and dance competitions, there was a speed round with five rapid-fire questions where the contestants only have four seconds to answer.

The other two final-four spots of the last round were secured by the winners of the first two rounds of trivia questions. The questions varied from sports and entertainment to science and history. The final four contestants answered questions at podiums on the colorfully lit stage, and the first person to get 1,000 total points; with each question worth 100 points, won the grand prize.

This was the third time the “Thinkfast Trivia Show” was brought to Millersville, and every time the show has given away a higher grand prize. The first show offered $200, and the second show $300.

Along the wall the UAB held a raffle, 50 cents per ticket, which gave people a chance to win a sweatshirt, sweatpants, a water bottle, or a $20 gift certificate to Park City.

Allan Conran was the emcee, with DJ Tyga mixing the beats during the show. The crowd filled less than half the multi-purpose room, but they had a good time, and laughed and cheered at the antics of their classmates, as well as talking loudly about how they knew the answers, despite watching from their seats in the audience.

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