Diverse Courses Provide Enrichment For Students

Black History Month does not end with February. Millersville offers an array of courses that allow students to grasp their cultural identities no matter what your ethnicity.

Classes titled “Rhetoric of the Color Line” in the English department, “Whose School is it, Anyway? The Struggle for Equity in American Schooling” in the Education department, and “The Politics of Race and Ethnicity” in the Government department all lend a hand in a type of study few colleges allow. African-American studies is a minor in which any student at Millersville is allowed to partake. The rich, multi-cultural perspective which seems at times non-existent in other disciplines allows students to grasp a piece of history which is silenced in many schools across the nation.

The writings of Frederick Douglass, Richard Wright, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Booker T. Washington are only a few examples of those who have been tapped in at limited expense on college universities. The opportunity for students to explore such study exists here at Millersville.

There must be a realization of the lack of diverse history in the American education. Furthering individual intelligence is pivotal for education to succeed. The first steps are centered around history and politics of the past and a great example of this are the debates which took place in the House and Senate before the Civil War, which were some of the most magnificent ever logged. But little is known of these debates because of the lack of education.

We must remember that our country is as diverse and changing as it has ever been. The educational community has taken small baby-steps in helping the multi-cultural aspect of America come into light. The opportunity for individuals to experience these people first hand through the education at Millersville is essential.

We must not forget that education is always continuing through the seasons of the school year, and with that the opportunity to experience a new cultural perspective that exists at Millersville.