No matter how taxing college seems to be on us every spring semester there is always one gleaming light of hope that sits in the middle of the calendar: Spring Break.

Especially as I begin to see the end of my undergraduate career coming to an end, I realize just how important the break is to our sanity and aspirations for the rest of the academic year.

I have the opportunity to go on a real spring break this year, which makes me lucky. Though my little brother has gone on four, and he does not even go to college, and that is a disgusting fact.

Spring break is a retreat from our chaotic lives which college immerses us in. The everyday of classes, meetings, busywork, papers, and exams can become too much for students to bear. Do not forget about the organizations and extracurriculars many of us are tied in with. The constant influx of tasks, which consumes our lives makes spring break all that much more exciting.

But it is great to know that soon we will be free for an entire week of this cruel workload forced upon us. The opportunity to go to Florida, Cancun, and the Caribbean is so close you can see it with every setting of the sun and feel it with every breeze of the wind.

Before you actually set out for your preferred destination during spring break, here are some sure fire ways to help expand on the fun ahead.

1. Spring Break Anthem: I am not making this one up. Shawn Amos of lists three requirements for an original anthem: “A hard groove, inane lyrics, and lots of references to partying”

2. Trying new things: I DO NOT mean drugs in any way. What I am talking about is wind surfing, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing and the other things, which we here in Pennsylvania never have the opportunity to do.

3. Get out and mingle: Spring break is a time to expand on the types of people you have met in your life. Especially if you go to another country, the multicultural experience is full of memories.

4. Wrestling Alligators: If you really feel adventurous go for it. No one will stop you, just do not tell mom.
The last one was a little different, but experience life a little this coming spring break. Skiing in Canada, partying in Cancun or checking out Atlantic City are all great ways of relaxing and being the stereotypical college student.
How I look at it, we only go through college once, well some of us, but it is always an experience to live a real Spring break.