“Warming” Hoax?
Ted Taylor

Terrific article, Cameron. Thanks very much for writing it. I always believed in man-made global warming until the recent revelations. Now, I think we have been duped. It makes me mad that we could have been suckered by this “consensus.” And did you see this week, as it turns out, there is and never was any relationship between hurricanes and global warming? The IPCC got that one wrong too. I guess that should have an impact on all the lawsuits that are going on that say electric companies are responsible for Hurricane Katrina etc. What will come out next? I can hardly believe it.

John Spiers

Your wish is not possible, advocacy science and the green lobby are attached at the hip. The MSM running cover every step of the way, add to that Obama’s need to do something historic.
It’s the political perpetual motion machine fueled with greed, lies and the quest for power. We have to vote them out, and then get on with new laws and criminal investigations. They will not regulate themselves, their reset button does not exist. We have to press it for them.

Dr. Duba is remembered
Dr. Charles Duba

Thanks for the article remembering my brother. He was always humorous, brilliant, and insightful, and we miss him every day. His students were important to him, and I’m happy to see that you found some good quotes to warm that missing spot I have.

Dumb does not always have to be stupid
Leroy Donovan

Since when has walking on ice been on par with cutting off a swan’s head? It seems to me that this article assumes the student who walked across the pond was drunk, when I personally think they probably just were thrill seeking. I have heard many people since the beginning of the year talking about getting to that island in the middle of the pond, and someone actually did it. Obviously the ice was thick enough to go across, and that was a risk they were willing to take. Risk well taken in my opinion.