Electronic newsletter "Health eNews" hits the web

Since February, Health Services in collaboration with University Communications and Marketing has provided a new electronic newsletter called “Health eNews,” which focuses on health issues most prevalent in the Millersville University community.

The idea for the newsletter originated from Jenny Monn, Millersville University’s Health Services Nurse Practitioner. “With all of the recent health “scares,” such as H1N1, Millersville University’s Health Services… decided that a campus-wide newsletter would be beneficial,” said Alexandra Wachman, communications assistant.

The website includes articles about health concerns for faculty, staff and students of MU. Also embedded in the articles are helpful links to learn more about the subject matter. Another interesting factor is that users can post comments concerning an article directly on the page.

Health eNews’s page itself is beautiful and organized in an easy-to-use fashion.

Current issues discussed in the newsletter include heart health, stress eliminators, H1N1, and mononucleosis (mono). Each article contains useful information that anyone in the Millersville network can utilize.

If you would like to look up Health eNews for yourself, there are plenty of ways to find it. “Links have been placed on Health Services homepage as well as the Current Students, Faculty and Parents homepages. Access to the health newsletter may also be found on MyVille,” explained Wachman.

“This electronic newsletter is meant to act as a way to inform the University community of updated health information as well as offering a variety of ways to stay healthy,” Wachman said.

“Keeping up with your health is one of the best ways to stay on top of school, activities, and your social life, so this newsletter may be a very important tool in the continuation of the spring semester.