Exciting things are gearing up for graduate students. By now you should have heard that for the first time, graduates are having their own graduation ceremony May 7 at 6:30 pm in Pucillo gym. Fantastic news for all graduating graduate and certification students. No tickets are required for the event.

Our work with various university committees continues, we need grad feedback for the Registrar’s Program Review. If you have any comments or questions regarding registration, the registration process or the registrar’s office, please send to me. We are also participating in the Parking Committee and need graduate feedback on any parking issues you have. And yes, I know we need more spaces, but is there anything else? Send comments for either committee to donna.randolph@millersville.edu. All comments are completely confidential. We just need to hear from you.

If you missed our Graduate Student Association cup sale, we still have a few left to sell. They are $1.00 and can be purchased through the Graduate Office or by contacting me at the above email.

The Graduate Symposium registration is underway. Use that paper or poster you did for class as a submission. Participating in the Symposium looks good on your graduate resume; it can be included in your professional portfolio, and can show-off what great graduate students we have at MU. Click on the graduate studies website through the MU homepage and register.

Graduates can have a voice at MU, if they get involved. Join us at our next meeting April 15 at 4 p.m. on second floor lounge in Lyle.

Send me your Registrar/Parking Issues and comments.