While people enjoyed Spring break the Women’s softball team was on the road. They traveled to Clermont, Fla. to the National Training Center.

The team had its own highlights and downfalls as well. The ladies softball team fought through ten hard games where they ultimately won four and lost six. To understand just how hard these games were there are one or two particular games that must be examined closely. These are games that took a lot of effort to win, or at least stay close.

The first game was March 6 against American International where they had a 1-0 win. Sophomores Sam Jackson, first base/catcher, Kelly Fitzgerald, catcher/first base, and freshman Alicia Hughes, Pitcher, were the key players of this game.

Consecutive singles by Fitzgerald, Laura DeVoe, and Amy Kossyk started the bottom half of the seventh and also put Millersville in the driver’s seat. Jackson grounded a pitch to the AI shortstop which allowed Fitzgerald to cross the plate and put up a 1-0 lead allowing Hughes to put the game away. Hughes ended the game with six hits and two walks.

After playing a hard game earlier that day and gaining a win, the Millersville Women softball team came back hours later to play against Bloomsburg. The ladies lost to Bloomsburg 7-1 but they did not give up.

Bloomsburg got on the board early with a 6-0 lead in the bottom of the first inning. Bloomsburg pitcher Shavaun Fisher was throwing a no hitter until freshman second base/shortstop Danna Schneiderreit, who had two hits and an RBI at the end of the game, had her first career hit in the fifth inning. The Marauders got on the board when Jamie Motsko singled to right field and Schneiderreit followed with an RBI to have a 7-1 loss.

The other eight games followed with Merrimack College (5-0 win), Saint Joseph’s, Ind. (2-3 loss), Post University (10-2 win), #22 Wayne State College (0-2 loss), Florida Southern, DH (0-8 loss, 4-5 loss), West Liberty (14-4 win), Assumption (4-6 loss). The overall statistics for the NTC for the softball team was 43 runs, 63 hits, and 13 errors.