The University Activities Board sponsored a comedy night in the SMAC Friday evening; it was a kickoff to their comedy weekend. “This is the first time the UAB has done something like this, we wanted to do something different, we wanted to bring more of a variety to our club’s events,” said Megan Harnett, a general executive member of UAB.

Variety was something the evening had plenty of, including an improvisational troupe, stand-up comics and even some magic tricks. The evening was filled with some interesting jokes and something for everyone.

The night started off with the improvisational troupe called Improv Molotov, a group of students who played games that allowed the audience to get involved. In the style of “Whose Line is it Anyway,” Improv Molotov came up with jokes off the top of their heads based on audience suggestions. “It is a form of comedy that we haven’t explored on campus, we wanted to bring something like this to the stage,” members Jeff Wolfthal and Bob Grube said.

After several games with this group, the comedians were introduced one at a time, as they were called up to the stage. The first comedian, Greg Vrable, took jabs at Facebook users, compared light beer to urine and even took a crack at Tiger Woods. His jokes were funny, but they fell short of hilarious.

Next up, Wolfthal, a leader of the Improv Molotov, made an attempt to get the crowd roaring. He made jokes about politics and religion, and told of his paintball experiences with a Rabbi. Unfortunately because his humor was very dry and his stories were way too long, I found myself trying harder to pay attention rather than just enjoying his stand-up.

Up next, Freddie Heineman took the stage; again jokes about Tiger Woods emerged with “Tiger Woods, 18 holes wasn’t enough.” His jokes were funny, but the crowd seemed to be enjoying it, until he did a bit about his mom calling him during the show. It was way too long and the crowd lost interest.

“I really like the Improv Molotov group, I have seen them before and they seemed to really have a handle on what they do,” Jamel Baker, (a student), said.

After the break, a bit of magic was brought to the stage. Alex Dorshiemer used corny tricks and quick humor to get the crowd excited. He even got the crowd involved by calling up volunteers from the audience to help him with his tricks. He called himself a Geek Magician: Half magician, half sideshow.

Next on the list, was by far my favorite comedian of the night: Jimmy Walck, also known as Mr. Millersville. Walck got on stage with his guitar and sang two songs which he wrote himself. The first was called “I’m not racist,” a hilarious song about how other races drive, he definitely took a risk with this song and I believe it really worked to his benefit. The second song was called “Homework,” in this song he sang about how much he hates doing homework, which I am sure the whole audience could relate to. My favorite line in this song goes “Homework: I wish you were asexual so you could do yourself!”

Last but not least was Matt Hudacs. Although he started off kind of slow, he quickly got into a story about a drunken trip to the bathroom which ended with two guys in a dark bathroom. His one downfall, I believe was that he had a couple jokes that only people interested in theatre would understand, which may have hurt him since most of the audience was not part of the theatre.

The night ended with the Improv Molotov once again, where “Scenes From a Hat” was performed. Before the show, audience members had been asked to write down scenarios that could be used later. For example: How the Grinch really stole Christmas. The improvisational group had to come up with responses, one of my favorite answers: He converted all the children to Judaism.

The evening was filled with great people and some great humor. Overall the evening was very successful. Now if you missed it, do not be too upset because you can see all of these comedians at Rafter’s Theater April 30 and May 1 at 8 p.m. Also, the Improv Molotov has shows every Wednesday in the studio theatre in Dutcher.