It sure is complicated

Club de’Ville is always putting on some type of production to keep students entertained, and this movie was no exception. Friday night, “It’s Complicated” was shown and it proved to be a great beginning to the weekend.

“It’s Complicated” by Nancy Myers is the hilarious portrayal of an affair between an ex-husband and wife. Most of us can relate to the divorce aspect of this movie, seeing as the divorce rate is growing every day, but what makes this movie so great is that it answers the question “What would happen if they got back together?”

First, for a little background: Jake and Jane used to be married, but after 19 years, three children and a mistress, they had had enough. The two spilt and Jake ends up marrying the woman he cheated on Jane with, but he quickly realizes that he still has feelings for Jane. Jane soon becomes “the other woman” to her ex-husband while persuing a relationship with her architect, Adam.

“Although this movie was really amusing, it is scary to think that my mom and dad would ever get back together,” says Nikki Evans.

Meryl Streep, who plays Jane, is delightfully ridiculous in this movie. While having an affair with her ex-husband, Jane’s personality goes back to that of a high school girl, and as if one wasn’t enough, she is currently being courted by two men.

Alec Baldwin, playing Jake, also brings great comedy to this movie. He is charming, witty and fun loving, with just a little bit of a bad side. Realizing he never stopped loving his ex, he sneaks behind his new wife’s back to have a secret affair with her. The best part is, he can’t control himself. No matter where he is or what he is doing, he is always making time to see Jane.

Poor Adam, played by Steve Martin, I think it is safe to say that many in the audience were rooting for him in this movie. He is fun, smart and treats Jane like a princess, but he has no idea that she is secretly sleeping with her ex-husband. In the beginning of the movie , Adam is Jane’s architect, but he quickly becomes a love interest and complicates everything even more.

On top of everything else, Jane and Jake decide that they need to control themselves around their children, which proves harder than it sounds, at least for Jake. The kids seem suspicious throughout the movie and at one point even catch mom and dad getting a hotel room together.

My favorite scene in this movie would have to be the scene where Jane tells her girlfriends about the affair. “It turns out I am a little bit of a slut” she laughs. The girls jump up and down as they justify the sex with statements such as “Well you had him first.” During this scene, Streep does a great job of portraying the character’s feminine side, as well as her excitement and confusion as to whether what she is doing is wrong. It shows Jane’s vulnerability and allows the audience to better relate to her.

I think that this is definitely a movie worth seeing, and although I would consider it a “chick-flick,” it seemed as though the guys were enjoying it as well. So next time you need a date idea, check it out.