Letters to the editors

Sweeping away our two party system


The two-party system is a failure in many ways.
But our country lives on parties so it is time to work toward the establishment of a true working-families party, that is pro-working class and not just for the elite class.
People need to come to the realization that most of their problems have happened as a result of the elite class’ will. They want to stay in power and have all the money, so they find any way to divide the rest of the population. They used the idea of race to divide ‘whites’ from ‘blacks,’ and in later times it was the Irish, and then the Italians, and the Chinese, and now the Latinos… this is all part of their game.

“Warming” Hoax

Bryan Miller

The problem is that people who are educated like scientists believe in global warming. The truth is people with no education and only watch TV know that people who read books and get educations are stupid. Those of us who don’t bother learning anything know that global warming is a hoax invented by stupid scientists who only want us know-nothings to feel bad about polluting. The solution is to get rid of schools and books and science and then we wouldn’t have to worry about polluting as much as we want.


Your wish is not possible. Advocacy science and the green lobby are attached at the hip. The MSM running cover every step of the way. Add to that Obama’s need to do something historic.
It’s the political perpetual motion machine fueled with greed, lies and the quest for power. We have to vote them out. Then get on with new laws and criminal investigations. They will not regulate themselves. Their reset button does not exist. So we have to press it for them.

Separation of MU and clubs


If an organization says, we want to be THE Millersville University Bible Club or something, and the university says, fine, you can be the MU Bible Club, an observer or rival club could say, why did this particular denomination get to be the Bible club and not another? Is this favoritism of a particular religious point of view on the part of the university? And any five schmucks can get together and deign themselves the Millersville University Pornography Appreciation Society. And then an observer might conclude that the university “approves.” Does that argument hold water? I don’t know, but I imagine that that’s what the university is worried about, and these policies are probably crafted with the help of an attorney.

One flew over the Cuckoos nest at humanities film series

Shirley Max

I read the book first, so when the movie came out, I was thrilled – that’s when I fell in love with Jack Nicholson, and ever since, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” became my favorite movie of all time. I still see it at least once per week and still love every single minute of it!

This is it: Michael Jackson and his last musical role

Nessie Benjamin

Thank you for writing such a nice article about Michael Jackson. Just one little eensy correction: Berry Gordy had nothing to do with the making of the album “Off the Wall.” Gordy was the owner of Motown records. “Off the Wall” was produced for Epic records, a subsidiary of Columbia records.
But the rest of the article was fine, smooth flowing, very nicely put together. Thanks again.