Solo artist Brian Jackson performs

On March 18 Club de’Villes’ UAB sponsored free concerts started back up after Spring break. On Thursday night from 8-9:30 p.m. Brian Thomas Jackson performed for his third time at Millersville University. The last performance by Jackson was given in October and the first time he played at MU was September so before he began on Thursday night he apologized for being rusty.

This was clearly not the case. There were few errors in his performance as he played. Jackson considers himself to be a pop and rock acoustic guitar solo artist.

Originally from Wrightsville, Pa, just west of Millersville across the Susquehanna River, Jackson picked up the acoustic guitar and began to compose songs at 16 years old.

Since high school until his now, senior year of college at Harrisburg Area Community College as a Marketing Major, Jackson has managed to compose an album that is available to the public and a second that will be out soon. Now in his early twenties and about to graduate from HACC, Jackson hopes that his music career is about to take off and hopes to become signed in the near future.

Jacksons’ musical talent all started where some people’s never leave. In the shower. Where most people simply sing the lyrics to their favorite songs, Jackson took it to another level and began singing lyrics of his own. Before he knew it, he had composed a sufficient number of songs and was in a Harrisburg recording studio preparing his first album. Any college student knows the struggle of keeping up with their academics as well as a sport or a job.

In Jackson’s case it was receiving an education with the difficulty of composing music in the meantime. Like other musicians, Jacksons’ main inspiration was the music itself and music artists to which he had grown accustomed to. Some of his influences include John Mayer, Teddy Geiger, and Jason Mraz, which can be observed through his own music by the simple sound of an acoustic guitar and soft voice.

Other influences of Jackson’s can be heard in his performances as he enjoys performing covers or songs composed by other music artists. In addition to playing his own work, Jackson also played the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Slide” and an unreleased track by another one of his biggest influences, Ryan Cabrera.

During the performance in Club de’Ville, Jackson also performed an unexpected yet catchy theme song from a hit 90s television series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” His acoustic remix cover of this tune as well as other covers and his own work can all be found on YouTube. At his age and academic standing, Jackson ran into the dilemma of doing what he really enjoys and the importance of an education.

Finally getting through his last few semesters of college which seemed to have his hardest classes yet, Jackson can get back to what he likes doing most, Jackson has realized that within the past year or two that his musical inventions have begun to really pick up, which can be exciting for any talented unsigned music artist. More information on Jacksons’ work and story can be found on his MySpace and his Facebook pages.