MU Helping Paws Goes Whale Watching

MU Helping Paws is the only animal awareness group on campus. Helping Paws helps students who love animals get off campus and give them the opportunity to volunteer their time to helping local animal shelters. Last semester they volunteered with Mt. Hope Horse Rescue, and are hoping to volunteer with them next semester.

They are currently looking for places to volunteer. Besides volunteering they also hold fundraisers to help keep the shelters functioning. Their biggest fundraiser of the year is their Christmas fundraiser, where they sell animal treat bags.

Although they do a lot of work, they also like to play. To help members relax they hold game nights, they walk in local parades, and each year they help out at a Halloween Ball in Harrisburg. This past weekend they took a trip to Cape May, New Jersey, and revolved around whale watching. They went on board the Spirit of Cape May hoping to see whales, dolphins, and other oceanic animals. However, nothing was spotted, but the trip was not over after the disappointing boat ride. They did see animals Sunday afternoon when they left; they made a pit stop at the Cape May Zoo, where they saw a variety of animals. So even though whale watching was a disappointment, the zoo turned their frowns upside down.

If you are interested find them on Facebook under MU Helping Paws. You can contact the board members at They also have weekly meetings in McComsey room 201 at 9:00 p.m. on Monday nights.