PRANKOLOGY: Pranks Become Students Favorite Memories

Have you ever woken up to the sound of dozens of alarm clocks going off around you, as you quickly try to find every single ticking time bomb disturbing your sleep? Or run out the door you hit a barrier of plastic wrap sealing the doorway? When you look at the time, the time on your phone is set an hour ahead of the clocks you’ve noticed in public places. As your phone starts ringing, how did your ringtone get switched to “Achy Breaky Heart? Only your best friends know the one sound you might hate more than the voice of Miley Cyrus is that of her one hit wonder father.

There is no better excuse to play tricks on friends than on that glorious first day of April. , “We had a sleepover at my friends house into the morning of April Fools and whoever slept the longest and heaviest we were gonna prank. We took pictures and played tic-tac-toe on their faces with markers,” Leonard Blocker said.

Living on campus in a small town causes some people to find entertainment in more creative ways than others. Dorms are a great place to play practical jokes and Jamaina Leslie said, “We put hand sanitizer on all the doors on my floor.” Others, like Joey Fries, had hopes for future pranks, “You fill a bunch of plastic cups with water in a hall so if one falls they all fall – it’s one I’d like to do but it’s hard to do in the dorms.”

Legendary high school pranks also live on in the memories of many Marauders. Meteorology major Ryan Gumble said, “In high school, we froze a bunch of fruit flies because when you keep fruit flies dormant they don’t move. So they were in a big jar, and one of my friends took it home. At a sleepover, he blew them under a doorway where one of my other friends was sleeping.” At least 200 fruit flies thawed out and tormented his friend until he woke up and they finally opened the window.

English major Michelle Detwiler played pranks such as setting a glass of water on the top of doorways, or supergluing someone’s hands to a beer bottle. Her senior class prank involved setting a greased pig loose in the courtyard of her high school. Students watched while faculty tried to catch it before resorting to calling animal control services.