Let us not rush college, enjoy it

I always seem to hear talk around campus about how students are sick of college and ready to move on. The classes, professors, drama, and atmosphere seem to draw people to the conclusion that leaving college will offer the opportunity of so much more. But have we ever actually asked ourselves just how great we have it right now in school?

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculating the unemployment rate to be at 9.7 percent it has to make you think that jobs are not plentiful such as they have been in the past. Experts across the country have called the current economic times the “Great Recession” with little change in the near future. The market in which college students would be entering does not seem to lend itself to all the opportunities we enjoy in college.

The goofy slogan that Millersville uses, “Seize the Opportunity,” actually is not as estranged from the truth as it may seem. Opportunities exist on this campus that would be difficult and mind numbing in the real world; visiting a foreign country, traveling to play a sport, messing up on your work without a salary reduction are just a few.

Studying abroad in a country of your choice and experiencing all the academic world can grant you are within your grasp here. Next semester I will be studying in London and interning with a Member of Parliament. This is a dream come true for me and would not be possible after school. Only a certain number of costs exist outside of the standard tuition payment to allow for this. In the real world this would not be possible for someone fresh out of school.

International Education Week

Varsity sports have the opportunity to travel to cities and states across this country to compete for Millersville. Much of this traveling would amount to expenses that individuals need to save up for years before pursuing, yet it can happen in one semester in college.

Studying abroad and varsity sports are some of the bigger opportunities, but what about the smaller ones. The meeting of great friends, walking out of your dorm and into your best friend’s dorm just a few steps away, sun bathing without a care in the world, or simply staying up all night playing video games and forgetting about the paper that is due in two hours, are all parts of college that can be hard to find in the real world.

The biggest thing I feel that many of us forget is college is a time in our lives that can be amazing. The only person who can make it truly memorable is you. The number one way to do that is by doing what the cheesy slogan says and seizing the opportunity.