CD Review: Jason Castro from American Idol's debut album

A former contestant on American Idel released a new album. With only eight tracks, this album is initially entertaining, but becomes stale by the fourth track.

Castro was born in Dallas and now lives in Rockwall, Texas. He is most famous for his dreadlocks and his appearance as a contestant on “American Idol” during the 2008 season. He was voted off the competition May 7, 2008.

The album starts off strong with, “Let’s Just Fall In Love Again,” an upbeat tune that starts with Castro whistling. This song reminds me of “Hey (Soul Sister)” by Train. The acoustic guitar was well played, but the lyrics are not very creative. Overall, this song is nice and sweet.

The second track, “This Heart of Mine,” is also upbeat, using acoustic guitar to keep it light and fun. The introduction is soft to start but Castro picks up his vocals about a minute into it, showcasing his talented voice. Again, the melody is nice but not too original; the instrumentals in this track are the most interesting.

“That’s What I’m Here For,” is sweet and nice, with lyrics that are more interesting than the first two songs, but not very remarkable.

The fourth track, “Love Compromised,” sounds a little too much like country for my liking. It was annoying and slow, but his rock gave it a bit of an edge that makes it sound like a 70s folk rock ballad.

Track five, “Closer,” has annoying instrumentals that also sound country. However, the lyrics are fun and caught my attention: “I’m woohoo every time I touch you and I’m woohoo every time I think about you.”

Serena Ryder is featured in the sixth track, “You Can Always Come Home,” but she adds nothing to the song. “It Matters to Me,” is the seventh track. This song is too sappy but still sports some interesting lyrics. This song overall is very boring.

The last song, a rendition of “Hallelujah,” would be a good way to end the album, if he had taken advantage of the dramatic notes and sang it out. For some reason, he held back when he had a chance to belt it out, which was very disappointing. This emotional and spiritual song seemed to make him grow timid.

Overall, the album was decent, offering some good first tracks. However, the melodies were repetitive and the lyrics were not very creative or groundbreaking. It is a shame because Castro’s vocals are very strong and talented, but in this album he did not reach his full potential. I hope to see a more creative breakout album from him next time.