Protest at MU averted

So has anyone heard about the outrageous shenanigans going on with the Westboro Baptist Church? Basically the church wanted to come to campus to protest the five-day “Silencing the Hate” program Millersville is running.

To put some perspective on the situation, the reason WBC did not come Monday morning is because, “The destruction of this nation is IMMINENT!! Therefore, this little flock of slaughter is running to and fro — when God reached down from heaven in response to the brute beasts in West Virginia who were breathing out threats and slaughter against this little church, and SMACKED that mine sending 29 straight to hell, it required that we redirect our efforts for my team.” They are referencing Monday’s explosion at Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch mine in southern West Virginia. Well, I suppose if there was ever a reason not to go somewhere, that reason takes the cake.

In fact, I am going to use that as my next excuse when I skip my 9 a.m. class (I’m just kidding Phil, I would make up a better excuse than that.) I cannot say that I did or even intended on attending the protest rally this morning, however I had the same mind set as I did when Bill Ayers came to campus…I hope a riot breaks out. I feel like that would have been more entertaining than civil words and an umbrella laden sidewalk, but that is just me.

And before you get all uppity and think that I do not understand what the protest was about, chillax. Of course I understand what the purpose of it all is. I am just suggesting that a good old fashion brawl would put some people in their place. The best part of the whole thing is, I wonder if WBC realizes that by bailing on the protest, they are just promoting exactly what they are fighting against. Irony (and not Alanis Morissette irony, real irony).

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