MU Dining Halls Make Efforts to Go Green

Green efforts are occuring all over the world, even in places such as Millersville’s campus. The “going green” craze has hit the dining halls.

According to Edward Nase, who has been the director of dining services at Millersville since August 2005, dining services’ efforts in creating a better environment has started as far back as 2006.

Some of the efforts include recycling cans and bottles used in food production, recylcing frying oil and using recycled napkins in the dining halls. The exhaust system is currently set on a timer to start when operations do and to shut off when they end. Prior to 2005, the system ran 24-7.

“Water was changed from five gallon containers in 2006 to filtered water using water dispensers that we purchased,” Nase said. “We no longer need a delivery once per week to deliver water saving fuel from their trucks.”

As far as the food goes, dining services is creating healthier meals. “We started buying from a Lancaster County farm in the fall of 2008,” Nase said. They provide local organic produce.

Anyone who eats in any of the dining halls will notice that there are no trays; this is in effort to reduce the over all waste as well as reducing chemical and water use to wash the trays. This has caused mixed reactions from the student population. “I usually go without a try,” Tommy Jensen said, a junior majoring in Communication Studies. “I prefer it.”

Others not so much, as junior and Marine Biology major Elyse Apaliski stated; “I miss the convenience of the trays.”

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Perhaps, the trays will be reinstated during the warmer months when the use of trays for recreational purposes will not be as tempting.

As for what Dining Services sees in the future? “We continue to review strategies that are sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint to enhance our “Going Green” efforts,” Nase said. “We are currently working with the SOMAT company of Lancaster to install a ‘pulping’ machine that will significantly reduce the volume of trash being sent to the landfill from the North Side Bistro. Our goal is to transfer the pulp to a compost facility.”

Now Millersville students, it is your turn to join the effort by not wasting food in the dining halls and recycling or reusing your plastic bottles.

For more information on what others are doing to contribute to the “going green” effort, visit and