Letters to the Editor

Staff Editorial: Where is the money coming from?
Kevin Mahoney

We’re dealing with similar questions at Kutztown. I just posted a story and commentary on a recent WITF story about PASSHE funding…and that story mentions Millersville. Thought you would be interested. Here’s a link to the post:

Franchise quarterbacks hardly a dime a dozen

Andrew I have two issues with your column. While I agree with your fundamental premise I disagree with the conclusions. Clearly every draft is riddled with picks that seemed great or good or safe that did not turn out. We agree on that.
First you are ready to crown Suh & McCoy as ‘game changers’ as if every position has the same impact on the outcome of the game and because these two are this year’s sure picks they will have long superlative careers. Too bad history does not bear that out.
There have been just as many bust first round D-lineman as QBs. Due to the high profile of QB you just hear about them more. Also when good, just about all QBs will be a far more important ‘game changer’ than any D-lineman. Do D-linemen help you win games…absolutely. Can they impact a game as much as a QB, never.
Second, just because everyone thinks Suh/McCoy are going to be great does not mean it will happen and will translate to Super Bowl wins.
Glenn Dorsey two years ago was Suh/McCoy. Game changing DE, can’t miss, sure fire perennial pro bowler etc. Has he had a decent two years in KC? Some would say yes, some no, but nobody is calling him a game changer or pro bowler.
Mario Williams was drafted No. 1 several years back over can’t miss pick Reggie Bush. As it turns out the Texans made a good pick, after four years Williams has turned out to be a quality player. Too bad it has not translated to payoff wins let alone any sniff of a Super Bowl.
Bottom line is that Suh/McCoy are no more likely to be great or translate immediately to wins than Bradford. Long term, if all three turn out to be good, Bradford will impact far more wins than either Suh/McCoy. If they all bust each one will cost tens of millions of dollars. The Rams need a QB and should draft Bradford.

Sex: The deal-breaker
Clayton Doe

Sex seems like it’s everywhere nowadays, from TV to magazines, billboards, signs on the highways, I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t see something reminding me of it. So why do people love talking about it? Sex is supposed to be a special bond between two people, I think it loses its specialism when it’s over used or discussed everyday. The mind tends to go numb now that it’s used to hearing about it. I think it’s gross that people talk about it constantly, and I truly am wary about the next generation of kids exposed to so much sex.
Teachers are now catching kids in middle school performing these sexual acts, I don’t see how this is not disturbing. I think what makes us different from animals is that we can control our urges, but one may argue that sex is natural, natural huh? It is if your sons are doing it? But if your daughters are doing it with multiple partners is it still natural? Why is stud a good thing and whore not so much? In my opinion both are a disgrace, if a person engages with multiple partners they are no better than animals. One of the best things about marriage is sex, having sex before marriage spoils one of the pleasures of being married. On the other hand married people are having affairs left and right and this is considered an issue. What difference does it make now that if you have sex with a different partner while your married? What if Tiger woods never had an affair, but had more than one wife? All of the sudden it would be much worse for him. I do agree that sex is a deal breaker, any sex out of marriage is disgusting.

Students and marijuana use
John Ruthledge

What amazes me is the amount of people who actually smoke weed on this campus. People can do what they want with their bodies as long as it does not infringe on the privacy of others. Looking at marijuana from a legal standpoint, why not legalize it? Tax the stuff so our taxes as individuals might not go up so much. Put a ridiculous mark-up on the drug and see the market make it a true narcotic through its use of trading on the stock market.