Student Senate Updates

Millersville University President Dr. Francine McNairy invited the Student Senate to the Tanger House for dinner. It was an all-around great time to mingle with the Senators and learn more about them personally as well as learn more about Dr. McNairy. Other guests present at dinner were Student Senate Advisors Tom Richardson and Dr. Aminta Breaux, and Kelly Duncan of Student Programs.

Senate held a brief meeting after the dinner. They are participating in many upcoming events even though the end of the semester is closing in. They participated in a “Walk-A-Thon” April 17 to benefit a rare disease: histiocytosis. They will have a table at Superfest April 22 and 23. They will also be participating in the “Go Green Yard Sale” April 24 behind the SMC near Shenks Hall on Shenks Lane.

Treasurer Joe Muller presented the revised budget to the Student Senate, in hopes of passing it this time. All organizations allocating for money received an 18 percent budget cut. Non-Senator member of the Finance Committee Thaddeus Desmond spoke on behalf of Athletics and how they do not get any budget cuts, receiving a bit more money than most organizations. Athletics is a large part of the university and brings money, pride, morale, and new students. However, next year the treasurer will meet with Athletics to discuss what the extra money is being used for. The budget cuts were all explained very well, and the budget was passed. Appeals night will be held Thursday, April 22 at McComsey 204.

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