As summer approaches, some of us look forward to relaxing with four months of beach fun and late night barbeque’s. Other people, such as myself, have a full-time job to look forward to in order to pay for school the next semester. In either case, you will more than likely experience some down time in which you might get bored, or just feel like doing something different. Charity work is a great outlet for these urges, and Pedals for Progress (P4P) is a great association to work with.

Pedals for Progress was founded on the idea of taking unwanted bicycles, fixing them up, and sending them to developing countries in order to promote economic growth. By supplying bicycles to poor and developing areas, P4P hopes to stimulate economic growth by allowing the bikes to be used as tools. The bikes can become food haulers, taxies, farm tools, or transportation for jobs far away. This charity has seen great results, hence P4P’s growing program that is receiving more bikes every day.

The bicycles also allow for doctors to visit places where automobiles cannot go, making the bikes an invaluable tool for hospitals. P4P is a wonderful organization to work with (the company I work for over the summer has a program set up with P4P) and the reward is great in the end. supplies all the information needed to set up a bike collection group with them; all you have to do is ask them before you start collecting – that way they can plan accordingly.

The best thing about P4P is that it takes the numerous unwanted and discarded bikes laying around, fixes them, and makes them useful to someone else. On top of that, there is one less thing being tossed into a landfill that could otherwise be saved. I encourage you to check out P4P and see if there is a group in your area. Whether you are bored, want to help, or simply love charity work, P4P is definitely worth checking out.

Here is wishing everyone a safe and happy summer. See you next semester!