Football seeks an improvement for the upcoming 2010 season

After a lot hard work and tough training over the winter and spring, the Millersville football team’s spring camp has finally come to an end. They sweat, bled, and had a few injuries here and there, but the team still had fun with everything they did. Most importantly, the team also saw a lot of improvement from last year’s spring camp.

Every year after spring camp the football team has a spring game. This year the game is April 22, on Chryst Field at Biemesderfer Stadium, and begins promptly at 7 p.m. The game is not a regulation game, but a scrimmage within the team. The team is either split up as offense against defense or divided evenly.

The fall 2010 season marks Millersville’s head coach Greg Colby’s third season with the Marauders. Colby said “All the players did a good job, [are] in good shape, [and] the team [has gotten] better with a lot of improvement. As a group [the team has] gotten more athletic and stronger [than] a year ago,” Colby said.

Colby also said to look for the new guys on the team, like the freshmen, and redshirt freshmen, but warned that “no one is going to outshine the others, it is a team effort.” He also mentioned the improved leadership and coaching on the team saying, “Leadership has been good.” When questioned about his approach to leading the team, Colby said “The coaching is good; I try to be a coach, a little of a father figure, leader, and a friend.”

Although excited about the coming season Colby warned, “It’s hard to predict how the fall will turn out because we are playing ourselves, but [we are] confident we going to win more games.”

Members of the Marauder football team are also excited about the new season. “The team is making the right step, [we are] restoring a winning team, ”Owen King, a junior defensive end, said.

So come out, support the team, and see how the team has improved this spring. See if you notice any changes from last spring if you saw last year spring game. Remember a team cannot win or improve if they do not have encouragement from the fans and students.

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