Saturday, April 15 the Lady Marauders traveled to East Stroudsburg University to face the Warriors. The game left the Marauders disappointed. ESU defeated the Marauders 14-7.

“The team played better, improving in our draw control possessions and playing fairly even with ESU in caused turnovers and ground balls,” the head coach, Barbara Waltman said.

The Warriors started the first half strong. They went out to the field and had three goals within the first 16 minutes. Then Kelsey Schmoltze made the first score for the Marauders with an assist from Brittney Long. The Warriors then managed to get through the Marauder’s defense and score another goal. Lady Marauder Liz Weekley came down the field and made another goal a little more than a minute later. The Warriors made two more goals, and then the last score of the game was made by the Millersville’s Brianna Huynh.

With the first half of the game over the score was 6-3, Warriors. The Marauders continue to struggle with turnovers; the first half left them with 19. “ESU capitalized off our turnovers, creating scoring opportunities for themselves,” Coach Waltman said.
The second half of the game was a stronger half for the Marauders, even though the Warriors made the first three goals. The Lady Marauders made a comeback though with two back-to-back shots. One was made by Ashley Mogle with an assist from Katie DiRico; the other came from Morgan Mangiaruga. The Warriors made another three shots back-to-back but the Marauders were not having that. DiRico put up a fight and scored with help from Mary Houtmann. The Warriors came back at the Marauders with two more shots. Schmoltze then made the last goal for the Marauders and the last goal of the game.
Coach Waltman said “In the second half of the game our offense started moving the ball well which led to some picture-perfect goals.”

With the game over the Maruaders had a total of 36 turnovers, and Coach Waltman said they are “what cost us the game.”

The Lady Marauders have things to work on for their upcoming games. “We want to carry that ball movement and intensity into our games this week,” coach Waltman said, “If we can do that and minimize our turnovers, we should have two good games this week.”

With two games left this season, the Marauders can improve on their game and try to reduce the number of turnovers. Let’s wish the Marauders the best of luck with their last two games.