Millersville students have all been subject to some sort of summer reading book prior to starting freshman
year. Whether it was Ishmael, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, or, most recently, Einstein’s Dreams, The Common Reading Program has inched its way into students’ lives. The Common Reading Program is an organization which selects the book that the incoming class is assigned to read. These books are very carefully chosen. “The Common Reading Program is intended to create community and university community as a whole”, said Dr. Caleb Corkery, assistant chair of the English Department.

There are several ways that The Common Reading Program branches out on our campus, such as through the different academic departments, campus life, themes, and programming. It makes sense that the Administration is thinking about changing the name of this program to “One Book, One Campus”, because its purpose is to bring everyone together. For the time being, the name change is still under discussion.

How are these books chosen? Every year the board discusses possible books that could qualify as a summer reading selection. The process takes a very long time before everyone comes to an agreement, because there are so many campus-wide factors that
affect this decision.

The freshman class of 2014 was assigned Einstein’s Dreams, a book that correlates with the science majors on campus. Its overall theme is connecting through time, past and future. The book is about experiences and how people connect throughout the reality between times.

This book was definitely a great choice for the freshman class because it directly relates to the experiences that these students will have on campus. Einstein’s Dreams is not set up like a regular book; it is actually broken up into several short stories, so do not get too attached! Even Dr. Corkery had a difficult time getting a handle on the book because it was very abstract and the plot line was a bit jumpy.

So, the next time you think of your summer reading book as just summer reading, think again.