The Ganser Library is latest construction project

With the start of a new school year here at Millersville, there are a lot of changes taking place. The main change giving everyone something to talk about is the upcoming closing of Ganser Library.

If the Student Memorial Center (SMC) is the heart of the University, Ganser Library is, without a doubt, the brain of the ‘Ville. It is where students go to do research, complete assignments, commune with friends and study partners, and even escape from hectic college life.

Ganser Library is the place where the success of the Millersville student body is harvested.
The average college library is a centerfold of information. Therefore, it is high time that Ganser Library be introduced to a new generation of learners.

With updated technologies and resources, as well as an eco friendly environment, the library will be a key element in the creation of the neo-Millersville University.

The biggest concern of the students for the next school year is how will they have library access if they have, in essence, no library?

Marilyn Parrish D. Ed. Special Collections Librarian and University Archivist had all the answers. She reported that Ganser Library is set to shut down in August 2011 and renovation is planned to begin in The Fall of 2011.

Library resources will be set up in various places on campus. For instance, the circulation and reference desks will be located in the Gerhart building, which is centrally located and will make the process of finding books and information much easier for students.

Librarians will still be available to help students doing research and locating other materials. Most of the books will be available electronically, which will also help ease the transition into the new Ganser building.

Students and Faculty are encouraged to keep themselves updated as per the timeline of the renovation process, in case there are any changes made to the plans.

Some very exciting additions are being created to help beautify and distinguish the library from what it used to be. There will be a reading sculpture garden designed by some of Millersville’s very own students and professors from the Art and Biology Departments. The new library will also have natural lighting, SMART classrooms, 24 hours access, and house a centrally located café.

The renovations that are planned may make Ganser Library the epitome of college library.