MU makes major changes

It is absolutely amazing to see how this university has changed in the time since I was a
freshman. This school was teetering on the threshold of old and outdated. Now, it is anything but that.

When I return from England after this semester I will come back to a Millersville
transformed. The new student center truly is “seizing the opportunity.” The growth over the past
ten years that the university has seen in enrollment made the old SMC seem outdated and
downright pathetic at times. It did not give the perception of a true student center like others you
will find throughout the country. The new SMC will give Millersville students, employees,
faculty and visitors the ability to have a true heart for the campus community.

The SMC is not the only improvement Millersville is making. The new Visual &
Performing Arts Center will hinder music education for now, but when completed will be a focal
point not just for the university but community at large. The Anchor is something that puts the
galley to shame. Updating the downstairs has rejuvenated campus living. I could only wish
having the opportunity to walk into the Anchor from my dorm instead of Gordy’s and the galley.
The hip functional use of the space makes it a place that students want to hang out in.

The old saying out with the old and in with the new seems to be the new direction that
Millersville is heading. In a few years almost all students on campus will not remember the old
Millersville that is being replaced presently. Grabbing that cheesesteak at The Galley before a
thirsty Thursday night, playing pool at Club de’ville, trying to use up the rest of your flex at
Gordy’s the last week of school all of this will be gone.

My senior year will come and go and Millersville will continue to move forward with
improvements in the future. But try not to forget the old Millersville and the times you and your
friends had there. It really is strange to see it go.