Borough's displeasure with us

March 29, 2011 0

So tonight, being March 22, I attended my second Millersville Borough Council Meeting. Now, to my readers, this may sound like a chore. They would be right. I was among the few privileged attendees, not

Student volunteers go "Into the Streets"

March 24, 2011 0

On Saturday, March 19, students from all over Millersville gathered to go into the city of Lancaster and volunteer. The event was run through Volunteer Central, located in the Bedford House. More than 30 students

Women's lacrosee team starts season with big win

March 24, 2011 0

On March 11, the Millersville women’s lacrosse team marched onto Chryst field for their first game of the season. The Lady Marauders were looking to impress, and quickly set about dominating their opponent, Shepherd. Millersville

The future of print magazies

March 24, 2011 0

According to Forbes magazine, Cosmopolitan magazine has been published since 1886 and is now in 63 countries. Even a mere decade ago, Cosmo would have been examined as a print-only product to be read only

MU's new SMC is finally open

March 24, 2011 0

After months of delay, it happened. The new SMC is finally open. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the new building at first. Over the last semester, I walked past the

The fruit-throwers

March 24, 2011 0

Recently, the staff members at Gordinier Cafeteria have been trying to solve a mystery, one that makes very little sense and begs the question “Why would anyone do this?” The mystery I am writing about

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