Students summer plans

BY: Lynn Rhoades

Summer, summer, summer. This is every student’s favorite word and it is creeping up on the Millersville community pretty quickly. With finals just a week away, everyone is starting to think about their summer plans.
Those of us who still have a couple years of school are not worrying about finding an internship or going out into the real world.
Emily Roberts, a sophomore history major, said, “I’m working and going to the beach (OBX).” Although that does sound like the dream summer, some of us here at school need to face reality because after this semester, we are going into the real world and need to start looking for jobs.
With the economy as bad as it is right now, students are going to wish that they have the luxury of not having to worry about finding a job and posting resumes. A senior business marketing and management major, Brittany Arnold, said, “I am going to enjoy the nice weather and focus on getting a full time job. I plan to adopt a bunny or chicks.”
With the recent impending doom of the budget cuts, some students may take the opportunity to earn some credits over the summer. Summer classes are an excellent way to get ahead in classes and it may mean an early graduation for some. Junior marketing and management major Allison Gelcius said, “I am taking three summer classes.”
Others may go down the job route, and earn some extra money over the summer for the following school year. One student in particular, sophomore Sarah Geiger, a dual major in Chemistry/Physics, is going to “Penn State main campus to take eighteen credits for my nanotechnology option, and doing a lot of swing dancing.”
If you are in those final stages of your college career, then your summer might look a little different. Lauren Jendzurksi, a senior in business management, said, “I am working at Nine Oaks Swim Club as the manager and assistant coach to the swim team and looking for a full time job.”
After May 7, seniors will no longer have the sanctuary of school to fall back to (unless you are planning to go to graduate school) and it will be time to kick it in high gear for the rest of our lives. My teacher, Professor Fries of Labor Relations Management, wrote on the chalkboard at the end of class, “Commencement means never being done.”