Danielle Kreider
News Editor

            Marauders there are new updates in the parking lot.  The Parking Task Force, made up of faculty, staff and students, the MUPD enforced changes to campus parking at the start of last week.  Their main goal in implementing these changes is to “increase safety for those walking and driving on campus to make more efficient use of parking spaces.” The changes include increased student fines for violations and also an exchange of parking space assignments in the parking lots to allow for better traffic flow and overall pedestrian safety.

Tickets are given in a small yellow envelope, and placed under the windshield wiper of your vehicle. Tickets can range anywhere from $10 to $100. Parking permits can be purchased at MUPD, $95 for commuters and $105 for residents.

            The MUPD is looking for campus community cooperation in the implementation of these changes.  They also want to remind everyone, “To please park in the appropriate color designated spaces to decrease parking frustrations and increase space availability.  Students should only park in white parking spaces.”  In addition to assist the campus community in decreasing vehicle congestion on campus the University worked together with the RRTA to provide more shuttle service to the campus.

            Student parking permits were NOT increased in price this year, but parking fines were increased!  Parking fines were increased with the start of the Fall 2012 semester.  The fines increased as the following; parking without a valid permit increased from $25 to $50, parking in a faculty/staff employee yellow lined space increased from $10 to $25.  Parking fines were increased for all campus community and visitors as follows; parking in a handicap parking only spaces increased from $50 to $100, parking in other restricted spaces increased from $10 to $25, parking in the grass or on the sidewalks/walkways increased $10 to $25, and other parking violations increased from $10 to $25.

            Changes were also made in the parking lots themselves.  The changes were made to enhance efficiencies in parking and safety for those walking and driving in the lots.  The most significant changes were made to the lots on the north side of campus such as Dilworth, Wickersham, Stayer, Lyle, Gilbert, and the Winter VPAC.  Over 60 commuter spaces were changed in these lots to faculty/staff parking only, and the 60+ lot behind Stayer was changed to ALL commuter parking only.  Additionally, 39 spaces were changed in the Winter VPAC lot from resident parking to faculty/staff only.

Chief Anders is standing in the SMC parking lot where there are plenty of available commuter parking spaces. Reminder: commuters use white lined spaces only!

            Also, the on-campus shuttle has been improved with the addition of additional stops with the start of the semester.  Commuters are strongly encouraged to park in the large lot to the rear of the SMC or at the Prince Street garage and use the free shuttle to get around campus. The shuttle route and schedule can be accessed at http://www.millersville.edu/services/shuttlebus/files/shuttle_schedule-10-4-10.pdf.  Parking effects the entire campus community, students be conscience and considerate when parking and driving on campus. Anyone with additional questions or concerns should contact Chief Pete Anders at 717-872-3434 or e-mail Peter.Anders@millersville.edu.