Doc Roc to continue his legacy

Danielle Kreider
News Editor

A legendary figure here at Millersville University has announced his retirement.  Dr. Ralph Anttonen, better known as Doc Roc, has decided to retire after being at the University for 44.83333 years.  Doc Roc decided to retire in January after he received the memo that Dr. McNairy was leaving at the end of the year.

Doc Roc was a participant in the Senior Games at the spritely age of 71. He recently announced his retirement, starting in Jan.

When asked why he was retiring, he said “This got me thinking of her support for not only the radio station, but for the Exploratory Program, especially the first year inquiry course.  The Exploratory Program coordination is 3/4 of my assignment which also includes the chairmanship of the Department of Academic and Student Development.  The advisement of WIXQ is 1/4 of my assignment, officially.  This 1/4 time was negotiated by President Joseph Caputo and Vice President for Student Affairs, Gary Reighard in the early 80’s.  With the cooperation of Dr. Caputo, Dr. Reighard and Dr. McNairy, I have been able to help the radio station grow and improve.  However, with the coming of a new president (and my age of 72 years), I feel that my time would be better served as a volunteer in the station.  Therefore, I will retire on January 11, 2013.”

Mama and Doc Roc celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and have been DJing together since 1979.

Doc Roc plans on volunteering as advisor to WIXQ and he also plans to serve as “Scholarship Liaison” between APSCUF-MU and ABSCURF- MU.  In his retirement letter he recommended that his colleague and research partner, Dr. Michelle White be the person to take over the Exploratory Program.
“Since she knows the program as well as anybody, she would be able to take over immediately,” he said.

Some of his plans for after retirement are to, “stay active at WIXQ doing the Doc and Mama Roc Show on Saturdays, visit WIXQ at noon time for the discussions of ‘life,’ become the retired MU faculty fundraiser for the 3 APSCUF and 1 APSCURF scholarships, announce women’s volleyball and men’s basketball games, play pickelball and shuffleboard and exercise by biking and lifting weights.  Also by doing any other tasks assigned by Mama Roc,” explained Doc Roc.  He also plans on volunteering specifically to coordinate the highway pick-up and will also continue to interact with the radio station DJs.

Doc Roc is pictured alongside President McNairy when he became an honorary alumni.

What Doc Roc will miss most about MU is, “all the wonderful and caring faculty and staff members who really make the Exploratory Program work by volunteering to advise Exploratory students.  Also, the students on the campus of Millersville and of course all the volunteers who have helped me in my many Exploratory adventures.”  One thing Doc Roc will not have to miss is his favorite WIXQ radio program, which is the “Oldies but Goodies” with Doc and Mama Roc every Saturday from 4 to 6:45 p.m.
His fondest memories of WIXQ were being able to watch the station “go from carrier current to 10 WATT to stereo to 100 WATT and finally to streaming audio and being heard round the world,” he stated.  There have been two particular DJs who made a lasting impression on Doc Roc.  One is the former student “Erik Gudmundson, who gave WIXQ streaming audio and won $5000 for himself and $5000 for the station which became the seed money for the Keith Ranck/Ralph and Judy Anttonen Scholarship, and of course my partner and fellow DJ since 1979, Mama Roc,” said Dr. Anttonen.

The WIXQ crew is seen pictured with Doc Roc during the highway clean up sporting bright orange safety vests.

All of Doc Roc’s hard work and dedication will never go unnoticed.  He is now a legend here at Millersville for everything he has done for the university over the years.  Some lasting advice Doc Roc wanted to bestow upon the faculty, staff and students is that, “We must continue to instinct, educate and advocate for the students at Millersville both in and out of the classroom.  That should be our number one goal.”

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