Feeling uninformed? Get your education on

Maria Barcoski
News Writer

This week, Millersville University’s School of Education held its 2nd annual “Education on Location” event in order to “promote a community dialogue about issues that are impacting us on a local level,” according to Dean of Education, Dr. Jane Bray.
The event, housed throughout the MU campus and the Ware Center, is conducted in conjunction with the Hourglass Foundation, the United Way of Lancaster, Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce, and PNC Bank.
The events that make up Education on Location started on Tuesday, September 18, and wrap up this evening with a speech by Sir Ken Robinson. Meetings, discussions and speeches were held each day to open dialogue about issues of education that affect the local community.
The events discuss national issues, such as the recent strike in Chicago due to teacher evaluations, and focus on how those same issues impact Millersville University and its surrounding community.
Last year, the concept of MU’s Education on Location began as a joke between Dr. Bray and her colleagues: “NBC [creator of “Education Nation”] made a big announcement… They were going to focus on Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles. We said, ‘Why them? Why not Millersville?’” What began as a joke turned into a very successful week-long event.
This year, the event has been compacted into three days so more people can attend more events without a large time constraint. Furthermore, although the structure has remained consistant, the topics have varied from last year’s event. While last year’s Town Hall Meeting discussed tenure, this year’s meeting, which occurred on Wednesday evening, focused on “Connecting Teacher Evaluations to Teacher Pay.”
Although the overall theme of this event is education, it is open and pertinent to other sects of community members as well. For example, the “Business Leadership Breakfast” held this morning concentrated on early childhood education’s impact on the economy, involving community business leaders in the education discussion.
Education on Location concludes this evening with keynote speaker Sir Ken Robinson. It will take place in the Winter Visual and Performing Arts Center at 7pm. Most people know Sir Ken from his TED speeches; he is one of the world’s leading speakers on education. Although tickets for seating in the Clair Performance Hall are sold out, simulcast seating in an adjacent room is still available for those interested.

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