Sam Dutton
Opinion Editor

If Mitt Romney were a woman he would see the importance of women achieving equality in the work field. Yet equal work for equal pay under the potential Paycheck Fairness Act is a topic he has chosen to stay silent on.  This act would require employers to demonstrate that any salary differences between a man and a woman in the same job are not on the basis of gender.  Instead of supporting this, Romney falls into the old fashioned belief that women should set their career aspirations aside and be taken care of by males.
Mr. Romney, it is the 21st century.  If you’d have looked at the status of our economy you would be aware that the average family needs to have two working parents in order to keep themselves financially above water. The modern woman is independent and does not want to rely on her male counterpart to take care of her, but rather take care of herself.  Unless of course you’re a wealthy upper class woman, whom Romney has tended to align himself with.
Mitt Romney is not a woman, he is a man ultimately deciding the rights of women. One Romney supporter defended him by stating, “Mitt Romney understands the issues for women…”  But how can a man pass judgement on abortion when he will never be in a position to make a decision with a life growing inside of him?
Romney is the poster child for a “flip-flopper” on the key issues such as abortion, and this should be a cause for concern for women voters. I want a leader representing me that confidently reflects my ideals, not someone whose stances are fuzzy and unclearly defined so that he can switch his views depending on the audience.
This issue is not strictly confined to the candidacy of Romney.  The issue of men disregarding women’s issues in the political realm permeates amongst the other male leaders who insist that women that are raped are capable of shutting down their own bodies to deter pregnancy. I found this statement to be rather alarming, but maybe what’s to blame is the fact that our government has cut education programs.  Those programs that would have provided sexual education to these said politicians have been compromised. Or maybe our politicians are really so ignorant to be under the impression that women can mystically will their bodies to reject a pregnancy.
Former US Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, a renowned activist for women, has been adamant in her distaste for Romney concerning women’s issues, stating: “I can’t understand why any women would want to vote for Mitt Romney except maybe for Mrs. Romney,” and it was Mrs. Romney who proudly stated in support of her husband that “women do not care about contraception…they care about the economy.”
Well I have news for the Romney’s.  Nothing is acceptable about taking away the right to contraception from a woman.  Often these women are basing their number of offspring by the economy and any belief otherwise suggests a need for a reality check. As a woman, these grown men who think they know best frustrate me.  In any respect, a woman will never truly be advocated for as long as her male counterpart is the voice representing her.