New fall 2012 fashions and colors

Kayla Forgrave
Features Writer

Coco Chanel once said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” These few words of advice from one of the most elegant and meaningful women in the fashion industry can take a woman from feeling drab to feeling fab.  No matter what age, ladies need to remember their inner beauty, which can be portrayed through expression in clothing.

Blazers are a fall staple and can work with jeans or skirts. You can add them to any tank top from summer to transition to fall.

With fall in the air and the temperatures playing games throughout the day, it can be difficult for ladies to dress accordingly. We have all been there: freezing in the morning, packing on the layers. Then, by the time class lets out and you are walking to lunch, sweat is dripping from the sweater that felt so warm and comfortable only a few hours ago.  The answer to keeping your “cool” in the fall is layer, layer, layer. Layers will make the transition from class attire to night attire easier than ever. Do not put those shorts away yet. Use the go to black shorts of summer to tuck a white tank into, paired with a red blazer and flats. Instantly, you have a class appropriate outfit. To liven it up for some night life, switch out the flats for some black suede pumps and add clunky jewelry.  If it happens to be a bit too chilly for shorts, try sliding on some black stockings underneath.
Jewel tones are also a huge trend this season. Layer a hot pink three quarter button up over a purple tank with dark jeans and purple flats; this ensemble does not even need a wardrobe change from class to nighttime.  After the shower, throw your hair in a high bun for class, so when it is time to “let your hair down” you will have some loose waves.  Use spray gel and hair spray to add volume and a little curl.

High-waisted shorts are perfect for fall with a little updating: add stockings for cold weather and jazz it up with a jewel tone.

Another classic layer that will last for several seasons is the long sleeve jean button up.  This is the perfect layering piece for every outfit.  Try layering it with a lace camisole underneath, paired with red jeans and neutral flats for class. Pair the same jean button up with a cheetah printed flare mini skirt and black pumps for some night time fun.
The Maxi dress is another staple for the wardrobe that simply cannot be forgotten. Look for a neutral toned Maxi dress; this is to keep the look classy and up to date, no matter what the season may be.  Burnt orange is a go to color that can be worn year round.  Pair a burnt orange, black, grey, or beige Maxi dress with a fitted black leather jacket to pull the look together for cooler seasons.
Finally, keep in mind that summer seasons tend to lead to the purchase of anything floral.  If this is the case, pair a floral top, skirt, or dress with the black leather jacket, worn with some black pumps, and this has updated the look to the perfect seasonal outfit.

Floral prints can be bold and stylish, even in fall. Collared shirts work for any outfit, whether dressy or casual.

You may be wondering how to buy what you want without wiping out your wallet. It is a known fact that most college kids are always scrounging for money.  This means reuse, reuse, reuse.  Try to purchase pieces this season that will take an outfit from class right into the evening by using the same essentials.  The jean button up can be layered under the leather jacket paired with a floral skirt; the neutral maxi dress can be paired with the red blazer and black suede pumps.  Think about the outfit pieces alone before making a purchase.
Jenna Gould, a senior on campus, said her favorite trends for fall fashion include “high waist shorts from summer that can still be worn into fall because it is still warm, paired with a warmer colored blouse for fall.” Junior Casey Donovan says her go to fall obsessions are “dark nails and collar necklaces, paired with peplum dresses and shirts.”  A collar necklace is a perfect way to spice up a simple white tank and black shorts combination.  Ladies, take all of these fall trends into consideration along with keeping a budget in mind.  This year Millersville could be the all around “best dressed” campus.