Bobbito Garcia: Modern day Renaissance man

Danielle Kreider
News Editor

World-renowned DJ, Bobbito Garcia, graced Millersville University with his presence on Wednesday, September 19 in the SMC MPR.  He gave an inspiring lecture entitled

Bobbito Garcia’s inspiring lecture was SOLA’s first event of the academic school year.

“Creating New Space:  Legendary Latino Pioneer Bobbito Garcia.”  The Dr. Rosario Caminero Latino Celebration sponsored the event.  It was SOLA’s first event of the school year and SOLA’s president, Yanitza Francisco, introduced the event.
Bobbito Garcia is an NYC native and a “true renaissance man.” Not only is he an amazing DJ, he is also a writer, director and he played professional basketball in Puerto Rico.  He is considered the best hip-hop show of all time, and wrote for Vibe magazine. He is also the co-founder of Bounce Magazine.  Garcia is the critically acclaimed author of “Where’d You Get Those?  NYC’s Sneaker Culture:  1960-1987” (Testify Books).

Garcia changed chair positions frequently during his lecture from standing at the podium to sitting in the chair and then to sitting on top of the chair. He was very comfortable with the crowd.

In the past few years, he was a mic announcer for the NY Knicks on the MSG Network, he voiced the NBA 2K video games, and he hosted the “It’s the Shoes” series, which aired on ESPN2.  Back in 2007, Garcia designed seven signature Nike Air Force 125th Anniversary sneakers.  Lately, he is the play-by-play

announcer for the Boost Mobile Elite 24 game on ESPNU, the Red Bull King of the Rock Championship on CBS Sports and the Converse Band of Ballers on MTV2.  He co-directed a documentary titled “Doin’ It In The Park:  Pick-Up Basketball, NYC,” which premieres on September 21.  Garcia tours the world spinning records at sponsored events for Red Bull, Brand Jordan and Foot Locker.
During his lecture, Garcia talked about how he got where he is today – how a Latino kid from Manhattan made it to the top.  He was completely independent and he had to figure out how to make it through school with no real support.  Garcia stated he had to “learn how to learn” and he used basketball as a safe haven.

Although he made his college basketball team his senior year, he was cut from the team three years in a row.  Garcia then joined the Puerto Rico professional team. He said he “created his own good fortune.”  Before starting his question and answer session with the audience he left them with an inspirational quote.  He said, “Love yourself, find out who you are, and take your time with it.”