Having oodles of fun teaching with TEECA

Marissa Incitti
Features Editor

Members of TEECA on Route 999 cleaning for Adopt-A-Highway on September 7th of this year.

With education jobs becoming harder to get, it’s good to get an edge. The Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association (TEECA) offers multiple opportunities for technical and engineering education majors to get ahead of the crowd. Other education majors are invited to join as well.
TEECA’s purpose is to develop professional skills in technology and engineering for educators. “TEECA is an organization that balances fun and professionalism while preparing you to be a future technology education teacher,” says Ryan Haugh, president of TEECA.
“I joined so I could better prepare myself as a future educator and to build friendships with people in and outside my major,” says Haugh.
TEECA does many service projects such as adopt-a-highway and Toys for Tots.  They even built a life-size Newton’s Cradle that is housed at the Lancaster Science Factory in downtown Lancaster.
“We really try to give back to the community,” says Haugh.
They also host social events: bowling, Thursday night Fro-down where all members head to Yo-Fro, and the up-incoming paintball event on September 30.

The Lancaster Science Factory houses a life-size Newtons cradle built by TEECA last year.

But their biggest event is the Eastern Regional Conference from November 11-13th at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center, where they will compete against numerous schools on the East Coast. Their competitions include manufacturing, transportation, communications, and a teaching lesson to name a few.
TEECA meets every other Tuesday in Osburn Hall Room 307 at 5pm. Their next meeting will be on Oct. 9th. If you’re interested in joining or learning about the paintball event, feel free to email Ryan Haugh at

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