Chris Norton
Sports Editor

The Honey Badgers (Elijah Flasher, Brock Thompson, Shane Miller, TJ Bechtel, Chris Davidson, Ryan Nielsen, Kyle Wolfe, Tyler Roberts.)

In what may go unnoticed by many students on campus, the intramural sports league crowned it’s numerous champions over the past few weeks. From dodgeball, to flag football, students dominated their sport of choice in attempt to claim the title of intramural champion.
In the men’s dodgeball division, the Honey Badgers dodged, ducked, dipped, dove, and dodged their way to the top, defeating every opponent that stood in their way.
In the coed dodgeball division, the team known as Entourage fought their way to the coed championship where they won as well.
If another team is interested in stopping these dodgeball heavyweights, there are many intramural openings waiting.
Other winners include the powder puff flag football tournament champions, The Animals. Coed

The coed dodgeball champions, Team Entourage.

softball crowned their victor, as well as the tennis singles tournament champion.
If being named the best at your favorite intramural sport sounds appealing, you can join a willing team at and play your way to a championship title, joining the ranks of the Honey Badgers, Entourage, and the other winners.

The winner of the intramural singles tennis tournament.