iPhone 5 Review

Hayley Addesa
Features Writer

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s here: iPhone 5 has landed. The functional convenient iPhone has changed the people of today. Ease of use and having everything in one spot right at your fingertips has made this Apple product insanely popular. So popular that many people camped out at any store selling the coveted phone so they could be the first to get their hands on the latest version of the Apple iPhone. Die-hard fans were lined up through the night, even going to the extent of sleeping in cars or setting up a tent just to get a shiny new iPhone.  There has been so much hype for the release, but what are the changes to the phone?

The new iPhone 5 is thinner than the iPhone 4s and also boasts a wider screen for optimal face time. White is still the most popular color.

For starters, the newest version of the hot commodity is thinner. Yes, it is even thinner than the previous edition and does more. How, you may ask? Well it comes with an even smaller SIM card, which they have dubbed as a nano-SIM card. According to Apple’s website, this is 44% smaller than the previous micro-SIM card. Not only is it thinner, but the screen is larger; it now has a 4 inch screen with even better resolution and color.
Aside from physical aspects, the phone has many technological advances as well, starting with the most recent general iPhone update, which came out a few days before the release of the new phone. The update includes things such as improvements to the Siri programs, improvements to Safari and Mail, general phone improvements, Facetime upgrades, and general bug fixes. There is a rather large list that goes along with the iOS 6 and most are pretty functional. However, there is the new issue with the Maps app update. Most have found it to be fickle and harder to use than the older version. Hopefully, there will soon be an update to fix that too.
Along with the newest software update, there are updates to the factory-installed aspects of the phone. One of the major changes is to the camera. The camera on the iPhone 4 and 4S was good to begin with, the iPhone 5 amps up the feature again. Now it is an eight-megapixel camera with the option of panoramic shooting. The panorama feature allows you to take a more detailed picture of a landscape too big to fit into a normal shot. It is getting to the point where the iPhone acts like a normal camera. The camera also allows for high-definition Facetime chats.

Apple logo; makers of the iPhone.

The network is supposed to be better as well. It operates on an LTE network, which is a form of a 4G network. The faster network speeds are helping to make the use of the phone that much better. The graphics and Internet searches will come up even quicker, making everything more convenient for the user.
If you purchase the phone, you will also receive a complimentary set of headphones. This time they are the headphones with a twist, they are actually shaped to fit in a human ear. It is a more comfortable and convenient design created for ease of use. The iPhone 5 offers something for everyone and the ease of use and updated technology make it a great phone to have. If you are a particularly busy person, it is even easier to accomplish things on the go with this new Apple product.