Men’s Fall Fashion

Kayla Forgrave
Features Writer

Henry Rollins once said, “I believe that one defines oneself by reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself.” Fall is positively a season of change: with the shift in weather, the return to school, and the winding down of chances to reach your year’s goals.
Just because women are usually associated with following the hottest clothing trends does not mean that men do not want to look nice as well.  This article is going to have more of a focus on a male’s view of “fashion.” Women also have a certain preference as to what they think men would look great in this season.  Sometimes maybe even in something that could be borrowed: sweaters she can steal.

Pull-over sweaters are both comfy and warm for this fall season. Wear a button down underneath for versatility.

Big knit sweaters are a major fall trend for men and women alike. Think cozy.  More than a trend, sweaters are a staple that has been part of everyday autumn wear for years. Guys can layer them under any type of jacket; girlfriends can borrow them to wear with jeans or leggings.
Another fall item that never fails is leather. For those college budgets out there, the “pleather” jacket is a perfect substitute. Fake leather costs a fraction of what real leather does. So, you can be stylish while still fooling onlookers into thinking that you spent hundreds of dollars for a real leather jacket.  They can be dressed up for work, an interview, or even an internship.  It can also be dressed down for class, a date, or a night out with the family.

Leather jackets provide an edgy look while still keeping you warm.

Another staple fall item for men is a nice pair of boots.  Women have an eye for detail, so if you are going on a date, she will notice if you pick her up while sporting beat-up running shoes worn with an otherwise decent outfit.
Men’s fashion is more versatile and timeless than women’s.  With a few new sweaters, a solid pair of quality boots, and a great leather jacket, you will be sure to look awesome this fall. So, guys, go out there and get yourselves a few of these fall staples. Purchase a few investment items, and the next few autumns are golden.