Luke Helker
Staff Writer

Last Friday, September 21, I experienced my first ever “Third Friday.” Most people have heard of “First Friday” and are well aware of what happens downtown during that time, but Third Friday is a bit different.
Third Friday (also referred to as “Music Fridays”) is a monthly event sponsored by Music for Everyone, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness for the importance of music education and trying to find resources to keep music programs alive. Where First Friday is used as a vehicle for showcasing the art galleries around Lancaster, Music Friday showcases all the music that Lancaster has to offer.
I had the pleasure of traveling with one of Millersville’s own chamber ensembles–a percussion trio comprised of Millersville students known as Portal Percussion–downtown as they helped bring the Music Department of Millersville out to the rest of Lancaster’s musical community. Playing a wide variety of contemporary styles in such a short time, they were well received and helped spread the word of what Millersville has going on within the walls of the music department.

Left to right: Rich Klimowicz, Matt Bracciante, and Brian Doherty of Portal Percussion.

The other musicians that performed after Portal Percussion were also impressive. These groups have been around for a while and only perform on a small scale, but are all very good at their craft. I would have never heard of them or had the opportunity to see them perform if it were not for Music Fridays.
Music Fridays are extremely beneficial to any musician looking to network and potentially find a job opportunity. It is one of the few places and times when one can do that in a city that is brimming with arts and culture. I had a fun time and got to see some great music on a Friday night. Who could ask for anything more?

For more information on Portal Percussion, find them on Facebook at Portal Percussion Group.
For more information on Music Fridays, please visit: