Millersville’s Fourth Friday housing program: de-stress

Ali Chiavetta
Features Writer

Between the start of classes and activities, as well as trying to balance jobs, bills, and a social life, college life is no walk in the park. However, here to save the day is the Housing Program that is going to be taking place on Friday September 28. As part of HARP’s first “Fourth Friday” event for this semester, this “De-Stress Fest” is sure to be a hit among frazzled students. The activities will be taking place that Friday from 6-9 pm in the SMC Atrium.

Pet therapy dogs will be in attendance to pet and cuddle with.

Organized by Graduate Assistants Megan Gwozdecki, Jason Richardson, and Lorien Gilbert, this relaxing evening will be full of activities to calm your nerves, and put you at ease. Enjoy animals? Daisy, a certified therapy dog will be part of the crew. What better way to shake your stress away then by playing with man’s best friend? Besides enjoying pet therapy, other stations include a balloon animal man, a coloring page table, relaxing refreshments, a bubble blowing station, a postcard station where students can write letters home to friends and family, and a paper tree where students can write their personal goals for a stress free year on the leaves, in order to help create a fall tree display. This lighthearted evening is sure to be a hit among students of all walks of life, and a way for them to focus on something other than classes and homework.

Students will get to de-stress by coloring and have some artwork too.

“Last year, I was bummed that I didn’t get to go to the dog therapy in the SMC, so I’m excited to get the chance to work there this year. It should be a fun time to forget about everything that is stressing us out, and get a chance to pet cute dogs,” said Lindsey Nagle, a Resident Assistant in Gilbert hall, who assisted with the preparations for the event. When pet therapy was introduced to students last year, at an event in the SMC, it was quite a hit. In order to re-create that sense of calm that students felt, another pet therapy session is being held at this De-stress Festival.
“I am excited to be around the dogs. I love dogs, and I think they’re a great way to de-stress. Hopefully a lot of people will come out and share the enjoyment,” said Alex Rohrer, another student worker of the event.
With this kind of excitement backing the event, it is sure to be a great way for students to release their anxieties for the evening, and learn new ways to cope with stress for the future.  Graduate Assistant, Megan Gwozdecki, is looking forward to the event in the hopes that students will be able to deal with their stress in a healthy way.

“The HARP De-Stress event will provide a relaxing outlet for students where they can engage in crafts, visit pet therapy dogs, dine on comfort foods and tea, as well as set stress-free goals for the upcoming semester,” Megan said.
So, rather than focusing your mind on the things that cause you to pull your hair out, and lose a good night’s sleep, come on out to the De-Stress Fest and see the difference it can make in your stress level. Bring a friend, and enjoy your Friday night in a stress-free environment!