MU gets new email

Karli Van Duzer
Staff Writer

With the release of the new email I have noticed some cool new features, such as customization and being able to read an email while looking at your inbox at the same time. Most of these new features are cool, but there is one feature I don’t like. When you create a new email and go to your address book there is one address book called default global address list. This address list has the emails of all the students that go to Millersville. This may be convenient for people in groups who need to get in touch with other members or people who forget to ask someone for their email while they were in class.
Although this can be a good thing, it also poses negatives. Many people have suffered from bullying, whether recently or years ago. Those embarrassing moments stay with a person for a long time. Since technology has become so advanced, bullying is all over the internet and this address list is just another way for people to get bullied.
When most people get bullied on the internet it is through a social network like facebook and you can report those people or block them, but if it happens through email there is no way for anyone to track it. Millersville may be able to track the emails if they are sent from a campus computer, but if not you would probably not be able to find out who is bullying you.
It is also an invasion of privacy since any one of the 8,725 students that go to Millersville could get your email, even the students you have never met or seen before. Most students have two emails; one for school and one for personal things, but that doesn’t mean I’m comfortable with anyone I don’t know having my email. To me this is an invasion of privacy and could cause a lot of trouble for the university if the students abuse this feature in the new email.
While we are all adults, I have seen a lot of immature people on campus. People getting high in the quad, people climbing the sculpture near Gordinier, and I have seen many girls doing the walk of shame on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Out of curiosity I went back into my Marauder mail to see if it had the feature that our new email has and it does not. I think the university added it for convenience. It is a good feature and could be helpful to some students if they use it properly and act like adults.