Student Senate Recap

Becca DeVerter
Senate Recording Secretary

     On September 13, Dr. Marquez came in and talked to the Student Senate about the new general education requirements that became effective immediately.  The writing requirement went from four to three, and the “two in one department” policy in the G1, G2 and G3 blocks has been removed and students may now take any three courses they like, as long as they are all not in the same department.  These changes are now active for all students, freshmen and upperclassmen alike.
On September 15 there was a president and treasurer’s meeting for the presidents and treasurers of the different organizations on campus.  At this meeting, officers of various committees learned more about the process of refining and creating a Constitution.  They also learned about the allocations process, amongst other topics.  The meeting was a success and many thanks go out to those who prepared informational sessions and attendees.
There are six nominees for the new student elections that will be held on Thursday, September 27.  These students are Calvin Warfield, Allie Vogel, Randi Chrismer, Michael Brockett, William Sahrahge and Kaitlin Thomson.  The Student Senate will have three polling stations set up at the North Side Bistro, SMC and Upper Deck on campus.  Please be sure to come by and vote! Good luck to all of the candidates. You will all make great Senators.