Sam Dutton
Opinion Editor

With the election in full swing, I’ve rehung the Obama for president signs, and rescued the “Obama Mama” t-shirt from the depths of my closet. I’ve listened to debates, watched interviews, read magazine articles and have come to the conclusion that for Mr. Obama, Mitt Romney poses no competition. Whether you are a supporter of Obama or not, the facts are that under his leadership the economy is slowly showing signs of improvement.
When Obama first took the seat as president, the economy was facing the loss of 800,000 jobs a month. Now we have seen 30 consecutive months of job growth and 4.6 million private sector jobs created. Romney on the other hand has disapproved of the Recovery Act and stated that we should let the housing market hit “rock bottom.” It is apparent Romney can’t readily identify with middle class people under these circumstances.
When I consider a political candidate the key issue that I investigate is always education.  I’m an education major in college and also knee deep in debt. Obama has doubled the funding for Federal Pell Grants which will help college students pursue an education. Obama also recognizes that the education system is not a “one size fits all mold.” Children and their abilities to learn are all different and standing by this belief he gives states the flexibility to create their own plans for education and do away with the “No child left behind act” that really left children in the dust.
Romney clearly doesn’t value a good American education or maybe he just doesn’t believe it’s possible because he feels that the United States should not cut back on class size, and should in fact cut the number of teachers. As far as Mitt Romney is concerned, I’ve kept a close eye on him and listened to him attempt to take political stances which always come off as weak and lacking in sincerity. It almost appears that Romney is not quite in tune with what is best for our country. My vote is important. I can’t take a chance on someone who may or may not get their act together once they are sworn into office.
Obama is the perfect opposite of Romney, he radiates confidence, has taken responsibility for the lack of legislation passed in his first term, and has pro-active ways to prevent it from happening a second term. I do believe that Obama can see the middle class struggling, and I believe he has the will to pull us out.  One thing can be certain, it is in Obama’s favor that he has taken concrete stances on key political issues and has taken a proactive role in telling us just how he is going to serve us better if elected for a second term. The same cannot be said about Mr. Romney, who falls nothing short of a “waffler”, a term I like to use to depict his inability to take a strong stance, rather he changes position as frequently as you turn a waffle iron. Obama is the sure victor in this next election, it just appears that Romney is lacking what this country needs—but hey, maybe he should run for office in Libya.