Laura Maginley
Assoc. News Editor

Due to a change within the “Pennsylvania Voter ID Law,” Millersville University students, faculty and staff will be able to use their Millersville IDs to vote.  A voter ID must contain a name, photo and expiration date that is current.  The University is currently giving out “expiration stickers” which act as a valid substitution to a printed expiration date at the Boyer Building.  The ID will not be valid for voting without this sticker.
     “In April the University announced a program to offer expiration stickers for IDs.  During May we added 119 expiration stickers to faculty/staff IDs and 269 students received the expiration stickers,” said Janet Kacskos, director of communications at Millersville.  Incoming students, both freshmen and transfer students, received the new expiration stickers on their IDs at the start of the semester.
Millersville University is considered an accredited Pennsylvania institution of higher learning, in addition to all other Pennsylvania universities, colleges, seminaries, community colleges and two-year colleges, according to  Private licensed schools, such as career institutes, technical institutes, massage schools and additional institutes are not included in this list and IDs from these institutions are not considered valid.  For a full list of accredited institutions and acceptable forms of voter ID, visit
Students should keep in mind that the last day they can register to vote is October 9.  Steps on voter registration can be found at
The Boyer Building is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.