When land pirate meets water

Michael Blackson

Mary Rose and Mitchell Boring are seen donating spare change with Marauder spirit at the Duncan Alumni House.

What happens when a land pirate meets a body of water? A large sum of money for students!
The Marauder is fated to walk the wooden plank into the Swan Pond – only if students can raise $2,500 by April 30, 2013.
Walk the Plank is the name; collecting spare change is the game. It was formally announced and provided initial details on the yearlong theme through a campus-wide e-mail written elaborately in pirate lingo.
Students will have the opportunity to donate their loose change at six events, online, at the Duncan Alumni House, and at the foot of the Marauder Statue that positively impacts students of today and tomorrow.
However, Walk the Plank is more than emptying pockets and piggy banks.
The event is “to promote philanthropy,” said Alice McMurry, assistant director of major gifts. “It’s a way to give back to your university.”
All of the money raised in this event will be placed in the Impact Fund, a resource the university uses to support Millersville students and programs. For all the scholarships given out, buildings being upgraded, and the campus increasing in beauty, the Impact Fund is where the money comes from.
“Wherever the need is greatest for the university, that’s what the Impact Fund is for,” McMurry said.
Alumni and parents of students were the main contributors to the Impact Fund. But the University Communications and Marketing, Alumni Association, and the Development Office felt that they should bring back the opportunity for students to help other students.
McMurry explained, “Years and years ago, we found that our students understood that students before them had helped them and provided money for scholarships, and paved the way for them to be able to be here.”
The idea was derived from the Dean of Students at Boston University, Kenneth Elmore who jumped into the Charles River in celebration of the Class of 2011 successfully donating to the Senior Class gift campaign. There is a Youtube video available of his plunge at ‘Dean Elmore Takes The Plunge’.
Instead of our dean jumping into a river, our mascot will plunge into a lake. However, $2,500 has to be raised by the deadline.
There are many opportunities to rake up the money throughout the school year.
Just look for the Marauder, who will be carrying a treasure chest that can hold loose change, dollar bills, and even checks. He will be available at six events – three each semester – which can be found at
“If you come to one of those drop-off times, people can leave their name and e-mail and sign up for a drawing,” said McMurry.
Along with good luck, students can drop spare change at the foot of the Marauder Statue in correspondence with Student Senate’s Marauder Give Back Program. The change is collected and added to the grand total.

The Marauder is scheduled to walk the plank into the Swan Pond on April 30 unless students can raise $2,500 to spare his fate.

If these unique drop-off spots are not ideal, money can be donated online at the previous link, and at the Alumni Association at the Duncan Alumni House.
But McMurry does not expect just one student to donate too much.  “It doesn’t take a lot,” she said. “It’s really the power of people together.”
Working with Student Senate, McMurry hopes student communication increases to improve Walk the Plank.  “We’re hoping any students that have ideas would reach out to us,” McMurry said.
There is the possibility of change collection being available at any organization’s event, but only if students make it known.
If Walk the Plank is successful, there are talks for another theme next year, but an emphasis on student involvement.
“Get students involved and maybe event voting on what the Marauder might do next,” said McMurry.
Perhaps students will vote on a relevant theme for a land pirate.
“There’s water everywhere,” said McMurry. “So even a land pirate who might live in the desert can come upon an oasis.”