Women’s golf struggles to swing past inclement weather at Clarion

Alex Geli
Sports Writer

Even in a sub-par performance, the golf team still shined.

“Rain, rain, go away, come back another day.”
Millersville’s women’s golf team was hoping that age-old nursery rhyme would come true this weekend at the Clarion Invitational where the conditions proved to be the x-factor. The “Big Two”, junior Amber Rohrer and freshmen Jamie Wharton, forgot their rain boots on their trip to northwestern Pennsylvania as they placed their lowest spots in the standings yet this season.
“We were in bad conditions,” interim women’s golf head coach Ron Weaver said, noting that it was pouring down rain.
The rain not only caused the gutters to clog up, but the leader board just didn’t want to grant permission to the MU lady golfers. Rohrer scored a combined 177 to tie in 28th place; Wharton, shooting a 180 over the weekend also was in a tie but for the 34th spot. The third golfer, freshman Kendal Olear, also got in on the action, landing in 60th place with a score of 195.
Olear, you say? Well, while Wharton and Rohrer were getting all of the attention, Olear has been improving and working towards a top spot like her two teammates have done already in the short fall season. The varsity-letter earner in high school has made long strides to compete with the best of the best. Just looking at the Invitational at Clarion, Olear improved 11 strokes in just one day from her first-round 103 to her score of 92 in the second.
“I think she’ll be as good as the other two ladies very soon,” Weaver said about his other young star. In fact, Weaver has nothing but good things to say about the freshman, stating that, out of his group of golfers, Olear “has the most talent of all.”

Kendal Olear shows vast improvement and massive potential.

Together, Rohrer, Wharton, and Olear will put this tournament behind them and focus on their future together. Who knows, maybe the “Big Two” will extend to become a “Big Three” by the end of the year – Weaver sure thinks so.
“I expect all three to compete and win a tourney,” the interim head coach said.
Aside from Weaver’s coaching view, he can’t hide the fact that he appreciates seeing his ladies play from a spectator and golf fan’s point of view.
“It’s very impressive to watch,” he admitted while also shining a light on their persistent effort – even times like this past weekend when weather is rough – “They don’t quit; they have bad holes and they forget about them.”
The trio will journey next weekend to Belle Vernon, P.a. where, thankfully, the chance of rain between the 29th and 30th is only 15 percent, to play in the two-day Vulcan Invitational. The absent precipitation will surely provide ample opportunity for Olear to continue to improve and give Rohrer and Wharton a chance to clear their heads after their tough time at the Clarion Invitational.
Just like their interim head coach said… “Those days happen,” directing his comments towards the inclement weather which hindered his squad’s play. “That’s golf sometimes.”