Acai berry cleanse

Kayla Forgrave
Features Writer

New diet fads and trends have been cropping up out of nowhere for years and years, but do any of them actually work? One of the most recent diet fads is the Acai Berry Cleanse diet. This diet cleanse is said to be scientifically formulated to cleanse the digestive tract and get rid of any excess matter that could be clogging a person’s system.     In just days, you can allegedly experience increased regularity, reduced bloating, and a flatter abdomen. The marketing of the Acai Berry Cleanse says it provides a powerful antioxidant blend to protect your digestive tract from harmful free radicals. The cleanse is supposed to gently flush away excess waste and toxins, cleansing your digestive system and enhancing healthy intestinal function. The purpose of this diet is to clear away any excess weight that may be trapped in your colon. It is supposed to flush away unwanted pounds in just two weeks.

Acai berries resemble blueberries but have a purple inside.

Conversely, there is no medical evidence that this cleanse works, and some people are not happy with the way it is being marketed. Acai has no more antioxidants (which do not aid weight loss) and other beneficial properties than locally bought fresh berries. Acai’s popularity has surged on bogus marketing claims, said Jonny Bowden, a certified nutrition specialist and author of several health books. “Virtually every berry — blueberry, strawberry, goji, acai — are anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants,” Bowden said. “This particular one is exotic. It’s found in Brazil. It’s been marketed to have more of a magic ingredient. It’s been over-hyped and marketed to death. There are claims to curing cancer, curing baldness that is all over the place.” Like most berries, acai has good nutritional qualities, but “there is not a drop of research” that supports marketing claims that it prevents weight gain and facial wrinkles, Bowden said.
There have been recent claims made that Britney Spears is dropping large amounts of weight by using the acai cleanse.  Bowden claims Spears used to run 120 minutes a day while on tour. Her endurance is more than a normal person’s. For her fitness plan Spears doesn’t get expert guidance. “She knows how to get back in shape,” her former trainer Bobby Strom tells Us magazine. “She’s a pro”. The “Toxic” singer has also reportedly given up popping laxatives and diet pills to lose weight. She replaced unhealthy sodas and fast foods with five small, protein-packed meals a day.

Acai Berry Cleanse is supposed to be a great way to lose weight. Be careful not to abuse it.

Britney Spears’ solution is simple – healthy snacks [fruit, nuts and low-fat yogurt] and six small meals a day. The days of simple carbs, such as pasta and white flour, are long gone. And even her Starbucks Frappuccino habit has been cut down.
Some diet products pay mega bucks to celebs in order to use their name in advertisements.
Sophomore Steven Rivera Camacho believes that “diet pills don’t actually work because in the long run those pills can harm you, I would rather do a natural diet like changing the way I eat, than putting something foreign in my body”.
Diet pills are not something useful to achieve a way of weight loss.  Good, old-fashioned workouts and meal plans are the way to safe and healthy weight loss!