College Radio Day pumps up the jam

Carissa Slawecki
News Writer

On Tuesday, October 2, 2012, college and high school radio stations around the world came together to celebrate College Radio Day.  This is a special day that takes place once each year to help raise awareness of college and high school radio stations.  It encourages people who aren’t aware or don’t normally listen to do so on this day in hopes that they become regular listeners.
     Millersville University’s own college radio station, WIXQ, was one of the 550 stations that participated in this year’s College Radio Day.  Shannon Sisson, WIXQ station manager, gave her thoughts on the day, “I think college radio is so important to not just students, but to everyone. WIXQ has changed my life, and this day is an awesome way to show how college radio stations from all over the world can come together for one day to honor something that means so much to us.”
WIXQ had a special day of events planned to honor College Radio Day.  Some of their events included live performances from local bands, a special show line-up, CD giveaways and discounted WIXQ shirts.  The members of WIXQ have been preparing for the international holiday for some time and “watching it come together has been a great feeling,” shared Sisson.
Listeners can tune into 91.7 FM or go to the link on to support WIXQ and College Radio Day.  Another way to support the national movement of the day is to buy a digital copy of the College Radio Day Album which was released on the second of October.  The proceeds from the album sales went to a nonprofit fund for college and high school radio stations.
Sisson had a final statement about the importance of college radio: “It’s really important to all of us at WIXQ and we would love to have support from fellow students, so please listen!”