Lancaster hosts Manhattan Short Film Festival

Cat Ardes
Staff Writer

On Monday October 1, The Manhattan Short Film Fest was hosted at Millersville’s Ware Center in downtown Lancaster. On my way there, I figured I would see a few great films and some I would probably have to give more thought but I ended up finding myself pleasantly surprised.
The Manhattan Short Film Fest is a global event that takes place throughout one week and screening in over 300 cities around the world. It is comprised of the final top 10 films out of the 520 that were submitted for this year’s festival. Each film represented 10 different countries that were from Norway, the Netherlands, Russia, the UK, Ireland, Peru, France, Romania, the US, and Spain. The length of each film varied between the shortest of 8 minutes to the longest time of 19 minutes and could just about be categorized in all genres. If you have never been to a film fest before, this is normal. In an astonishing way, film writers and directors are able to tell you so much in so little time and quite often leaving your imagination to conclude the story.
As audience members enter the auditorium, they are handed a voting card and a pamphlet with a list of films and their summaries inside. Although judges had narrowed it down to 10, I knew right from the beginning that I would have a hard time deciding on my favorite film but not until it was the ending credits of the final film and time to check the card off did I finally realize how each one had made me feel and critically think about the usage of camera angles, shots, movements, props, diegetic sounds and of course the overall story. On your way out the door, you hand your card in and on October 7, viewers will find out which film had won overall.
With the first marked on my calendar for weeks ahead of time, I was very glad I was able to attend The Manhattan Short Film Fest. For anyone ever doubting the existence of anything to do in Lancaster, check out the calendar of events on Millersville’s website or here in The Snapper. By taking advantage of discounted or sometimes even free events on campus or in Lancaster can help you see the amount of things that are going on.