Danielle Kreider
News Editor

Last Wednesday, September 26, a remote desktop attack hit Millersville’s campus with brute force from Asia.  Universities and colleges are frequently targets of these types of cyber attacks.
Due to its academic nature, Millersville University does not block as many ports as a normal business as large as MU.
The attack would find machines that a remote desktop was open on and then repeatedly try to log in to that computer.  The result was that security logs filled and systems crashed.  There was also a rise in the level of inbound Internet traffic.  To the knowledge of the University, no machines were compromised.
In hopes that something like this will not happen again, Millersville will now have multiple layers of protection which include a campus wide firewall with antivirus scanning and centrally managed antivirus (for University machines).
Josh Hartranft gave some good advice for students to keep in mind, stating, “You can secure your computer from similar attacks by running up to date antivirus and keeping windows up to date.”